You know, people think Harry doesn’t know what he’s doing and what he posts is all coincidence but they don’t realize that he and Louis constantly have to think before they post something of all the ways it can be taken as. Like…they are used to looking at something from 100 different angles. They do not post things willy nilly. Harry’s messages are only unclear to people who don’t want to accept the real message.

Eowyn in Mahogany 104 with wefts and a ponytail clip.
Sailor Jupiter - Sailor Moon
I used Eowyn as a base, then stubbed. Long wefts were sewn into the base in front of the ears for the long strands, and 1 Ponytail Clip and 1 pack of Long Wefts were glued onto a 5” styrofoam ball and glued onto the stub, and curled. Bangs were cut and styled.
Cosplayer: Sunnyxstars
Photographer: oldnerdybasterd

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