20150517 Kameyama 6 by Bong Grit
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***** RAW developed ***** 関宿にやって来ました。合理的なのか、それともインパクト狙いなのか…。目を引く看板でした。 @Seki-juku, Kameyama, Mie. (三重県亀山市 坂本棚田)

enchanté | jori & zion

Jori was on the phone with his mother as he made his way outside, not wanting the students to overhear his conversation even if he was speaking in rapid French. “Pouvez- vous me faire parvenir une photo d'elle s'il vous plaît?” He asked his mother desperately, sighing in frustration when she told him she was too busy and he should be focusing on school, rather than Elodie. “Mais, elle est mon bébé! Je veux la voir. Maman, s’il vous plaît!” He cursed when she told him she had to go and then promptly hung up. As he pocketed his phone, he noticed a student sitting under a tree. He’s seen them before, and they were always by themself, which was a shame. They were really cute. Jori couldn’t help but watch them in the halls at times. Pulling out one of his textbooks, he hesitantly made his way to them, pausing when he was hovering over him. “Sorry,” He greeted, making his accent much thicker than it really was. “Do you know English? I can’t understand this word.”

S/o to my little brother for lending me money so I can get to bae’s apartment in Brooklyn, he’s legit the greatest 14 y/o boy I’ve ever known.

this is the shit I dream up

I had a dream that I was texting bae and he invited me to his vball game and so I went and while I was there I got hit in the face with the ball (bc ya know it’s not like I used to play vball or anything..)
And then bae rushed me to the hospital where he was the trauma surgeon that treated my head injury and it was all very romantic I assure you