Days 6/2/15

Oh my goodness, this took forever!

Kate and Clyde enter TBD. She is still upset about Justin becoming her boss. Suck it up, Kate. And see it as the opportunity that it is, honey. Oh please stop talking about Victor, Kate! If Clyde goes after him or a Kiriakis again, I will flip! C: “If I’d’ve been in his shoes, I would’ve fired your cute little ass.” LOL. Okay. Victor isn’t going to fire Kate…unless she gives him a big, real reason to fire her. Clyde wonders why Victor didn’t fire her. Because he can’t mess with her or use her if he fires her? No doubt Uncle Vic has a plan and Kate is a pawn. Ah, Clyde is Will’s interview today. Will’s dealing with a bit of a crisis right now, Clyde, so it’s okay to be late. Or leave right now and take Kate with you. Oh, my heart just skipped a beat. Please don’t let them go to the apartment and interrupt WilSon!

At WilSon’s, Will asks Sonny if he’s still in love with Paul. You can’t balk during “honesty hour,” Jackson. But he still tries. S: “Will, I’m in love with you. That’s all that matters.” Oh, Sonny. That is not an answer. It is a yes or no question, love. And you owe it to Will (and to yourself) to be completely honest. W: “Answer the question.”

S: “So when you suggested this honesty hour, you were setting me up?” Duh. Though this time, I’m not against Will’s manipulation. Sonny needs to be honest with himself and with Will (and with Paul) about how he feels about Paul. Sonny repeats that he’s in love with Will, even when he goes out of his way and makes it almost impossible for him to love him. Sonny turns his back to Will. Oh, Sonny…your face, my love. You are a big, huge open book. W: “…why didn’t you just say no? Sonny, all I need is for you to look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t still have feelings for him. This could all be over.” Sonny turns back to face Will. W: “Oh my God. You can’t do it. You still love him.” Well, of course, he does! Can we please hear Sonny say the freaking words already?!?!? Yes, it’s written all over his face, but come on, Days!!!! I don’t know why Will thinks that “this could all be over” if Sonny said, “no.” What is “this?” Will’s suspicions and absurd behavior? Sonny not loving Paul isn’t going to magically fix all of Wilson’s problems. It isn’t going to rebuild all of the lost trust between them.

S: “Do you want me to lie to you?” W: “What I want is for you to tell me you don’t have feelings for Paul anymore. And to mean it.” S: “You’re driving me nuts!” W: “You’re driving ME nuts!” S: “I keep telling you I love you.” (Oh, the butterflies are growing and my hands are shaking a bit.) W: “But you won’t tell me that you don’t love Paul. And you cannot love two people at the same time. It doesn’t not work that way.” (Um…excuse me while I don’t take wisdom about love from William Horton. Lol. You can love two people at the same time. There’s no limit on love, Will.) S: “Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. (Agreed.) I didn’t sleep with Paul, did I? I didn’t cheat on you, did I? You did those things. Is that what love looks like for you?” Will’s view of love is warped. We all know that. S: “Paul was the first guy that I ever fell in love with. And we were together for over a year. And we didn’t break up because we stopped loving each other. I couldn’t live with a man who wanted the entire world to think he’s straight. So just because we broke up, it doesn’t mean that I-” W: “That you don’t still love him.” S: “Yes. In a way, I still do. But I want you to know that it’s different now. Because I’m committed to you. To Arianna. And to the family that we’ve built.” That isn’t going to be enough for Will, is it? W: “You’re ‘committed to us?’ People get ‘committed’ to mental institutions.” To be fair, I’m not entirely convinced that Will doesn’t have a mental illness. The way he changed, the obsession with destroying Paul. S: “Why is it that you’re the one that screws up out life and I’m the one who has to defend myself?” W: “Yeah, Sonny. I may have screwed up our lives, but I did it with your ex-lover. The one you never told me about. The one who was doing everything that he could do to get your back!” So many things. The pointing? So weird. Lots of bad choices. Maybe the writing is partly to blame, but that last bit was bad. And it didn’t sway me to feel sympathy for Will. Putting the blame on Sonny for his infidelity is just as ridiculous as it was the first time Will tried it. Will chose to sleep with another guy. Who cares if it was Sonny’s ex? Did he or did he not want to know about Sonny’s past relationships? No, he straight up did not want to know about Sonny’s past. And how the hell could Sonny tell Will about Paul without outing him? This is plaaaaaaaayed out! Can Sonny and Paul make out for real now? That would be more than a welcome change.

S: “Paul’s in Salem because of John, not me.” W: “If you were in Cleveland or something, do you really think that would be here in Salem bonding with daddy?…I will tell you exactly what he’s going to do. He’s gonna call or text you, say that he wants to talk, clear the air, whatever. And then you’re gonna show up, he’s gonna be there and he’s gonna look at you with those gorgeous eyes of his and he’s gonna say and do all the right things. And you will end up in bed with him, just like I did.” What? I’m sorry, but what the actual fuck is Will talking about? He’s once again placing himself in the “innocent victim” role because Paul is just too sexy or whatever to resist. If Sonny was so easily won over or charmed by Paul, he would’ve jumped into bed with him WAY before now. WAY BEFORE. That said…can Sonny and Paul hook up? Seriously, I am done with all of this talking. We need less talking and more acting, like a Sonny said earlier; Love isn’t what you say, it’s what you do. Of course, there’s a fucking knock of the door as soon as Will’s done spewing his weirdly hot PaulSon fanfiction. LOL. S: “Must be your interview.” W: “Sonny, wait, I didn’t-” S: “Didn’t mean everything you said? It was honesty hour, remember? Your idea.” It’s Kate and Clyde at the door. They can totally feel the tension. Sonny leaves.

Holy mack…Will’s already done interviewing Clyde? Seriously? The other day took a week and half to fucking end, but Will’s done interviewing Clyde for a story about him in a commercial break??? Ugh. Not that I cared to see it, but come on, Days! Give Sonny time to find Paul in the park at least! LOL. Will says he has all the Poplar Bluff interviews too; and everyone thinks Clyde’s a swell guy. Cl: “Everyone?” W: “Well…” K: “Go ahead. Say what you were going to say.” W: “There was one guy.” Cl: “What was his name?” W: “He said he didn’t want to go on the record.” Cl: “Will, I said, what was his name?” K: “Will, you can trust Clyde.” ARE YOU INSANE, KATE?????? HAVE YOU LOST ALL OF YOUR INSTINCTS?????? SHE KNOWS BETTER THAN TO TRUST A GUY LIKE CLYDE!!!!! This shit is so frustrating!!!!! Will finally gives up the name; “Jeremiah.” Duh. Clyde says he knows Jeremiah and asks what he said about him. Will gives Clyde his notes from the interview. Clyde thinks Will should use all of the Jeremiah stuff because “it’s the truth.” He’s playing the whole “I used to be a sorry SOB, but I’ve changed” shtick again. Ugh!!! Clyde leaves, but of course, Kate fucking stays to talk to Will. K: “Sonny was so angry when he left. What’ve you done now?” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Grandma Kate!!!!! W: “Everyone’s turning against me right now. (That’s what happens when you betray your husband and act like an ass.) Victor was at our wedding and now he’s trying to push Paul and Sonny together.” K: “Why would he do that? He doesn’t even know Paul.”
W: “Because he hates me. (He’s not the only one.) Despises Dad.” Will asks Kate if she could speak to Victor; to get him to back off. LMAO!!!! Even if Kate were in Uncle Viv’s good graces at the moment, she wouldn’t be able to control him. What an idiot. W: “If I don’t figure out a way to keep Paul away from Sonny, I’m going to lose my mind.” You already have!!!!!!! Look at your life! Look at your marriage! Look at your choices, William! You lost your mind a good long while ago, honeybun.

Hi, Paul, honey. He’s sitting on a bench in he park, probably thinking about Sonny. Yep, flashback to shirtless Paul at WilSon’s apartment and Sonny telling him he’ll always care about him. Poor Paul.

While she’s packing, Serena gets a call from shirtless Xander. He asks her what happened with Nicole. Serena tells him that she told Nicole she was leaving town, so there’s not point for her to continue digging into her association with Xander. S: “…If you’re smart, you’ll take my advice and leave her alone.” X: “If you’re leaving town, why do you care what I do?” S: “Just let her go.” X: “You let me worry about Nicole.” Thanks for trying, Serena. But it’s quite clear that Xander is completely unhinged and obsessed, so he isn’t going to let it or Nicole go. At least not voluntarily. Ew, he wants to send her a “souvenir?” A photo of them in bed together is what it looks like. That’s more of a threat…and Eric is totes gonna see that photo. Uh oh! They end their call.

Eric arrives at Serena’s room with coffee. She’s almost ready to go, but he isn’t? He doesn’t have any luggage. But nope, he hasn’t changed his mind. Marlena’s still shaky about what happened it Italy? What? She’s back at work for crying out loud. She’s fine. And what the heck is Eric going to do to help her? Eric hasn’t told Marlena about moving. He hadn’t told his family or given notice at work. Yeah, dude’s not going to Hawaii. He tells her that he’ll meet up with her in a week or two. Yeah, sure you will, Eric. E: “…we’re gonna start a wonderful life together.” *rolls eyes* Does anyone seriously believe him? Lol.

Daniel and Parker sit in the HTS playing Go Fish and Nicole spots them across the way. Daniel notices Nicole and OMG the smile she gives him is absolutely gorgeous. Ugh, too bad Navidad is watching Daniel and Parker. Before Nicole can approach Daniel & Parker, Maggie
Comes rushing through the Square to bring them home. With one last look at Nicole, Daniel follows his mother and son out of the HTS. Poor Nic. Double poor Nic because Navidad is going to start tailing her, isn’t she? So creepy!

At Daniel’s, Brady and Melanie tell each that they’d do anything for the other. Obviously. She’s letting him go and leaving town. Brady tries to bargain with Mel; asking for a separation, not a break up. B: “This doesn’t have to be forever…then Theresa will cool down and you come back.” M: “The only way she’s gonna 'cool down’ is-” B: “Is if what?! I don’t have a life?!…I’m not gonna stand by and let you walk out of my life. You’re not saying goodbye to me!” Brady storms out. Oh, honey, where are you going? To shout at Theresa? That isn’t going to help or solve anything unfortunately.

Back in Xander’s room. He calls Navidad to check in. She tells him that Nicole just ran into Daniel and his son, but that she didn’t talk to them because a “redheaded lady hustled them out.” Lol. What’s the plan, Xander?

Nicole’s in her office doing what she always does alone in her office. Talk to herself about her options! Haha. She is getting herself all worked up. Chill out, Nicole. Now is not the time to be going over to Daniel’s and asking about the elephant. No, do not call Melanie for help. She’s having a really bad day.

Daniel, Parker, and Maggie arrive back at Daniel’s apartment. Mel is nowhere to be seen. And there’s a note propped up against the elephant. Damn it. Please don’t tell me that she said goodbye in a note!

Melanie’s at the hospital talking to Maxine about why she’s leaving. Aww, Maxine tells her that she’s proud of the woman she’s become. What’s the favor, Mel? My guess is that she wants to see Tate. Yep, Mel is feeding Tate. Aww. Maxine leaves Mel and Tate alone. Mel: “You know what, little man? You have your daddy’s nose. You are the thing Brady has been looking for his whole life and he didn’t even know it until he found you. He’s gonna be the best dad. I wanted to stick around and watch you guess get to know each other, but the truth is I’m here because I have to say goodbye. Bummer, huh?” Yes, it is a bummer! I’m going to miss her! Damn that Theresa Donovan! Lol.

Brady enters the park from the Square. He is so upset. Honey, there’s nothing you can do to change things. Let Melanie go please. And raise and love your son. Protect him from Theresa.

Back at the hospital. Mel tells Serena all about why he’s leaving. As they say their goodbyes, Nicole steps off of the elevator. Serena leaves. Melanie tells Nicole that she’s saying goodbye because she’s leaving. N: “But what about Brady?” M: “It’s for Brady. I want him to focus on his son. That’s the most important thing and as you know everything’s been complicated. So it’s best for him and his son if I stay out of the picture.” N: “Okay…I don’t understand, but if that’s what you think you have to do. This is really hard for you, isn’t it?” M: “Yeah. Leaving Brady and my dad and my grandma and all of my friends…I consider you a friend too, do you know that?” N: “Really?” M: “Yeah. I see what my dad and Brady see in you. You’re so loyal and you don’t ever back down.” N: “True. But even when I’m a pain in he butt?” N: “You shouldn’t put yourself down anymore…Will you do me a favor before I leave?” Well, that scene was a lovely surprise!!! I always love their scene together. And I’m all about people saying kind things to Nicole. Haha. The favor is about Daniel, I think. To reconcile with Daniel? Or to look out for Brady and keep an eye on Theresa? Mel wants Nicole to work through whatever’s keeping her and Daniel apart. N: “And you’re okay with that?” M: “I want my dad to be happy. And I think he’s finally realized that for him happiness means being with you. So, yeah, I’m a big fan.” Aww! They hug!

Mel returns home. Oh, thank goodness. Maggie takes Parker to his room to play Go Fish, so Mel and Daniel can have some time. M: “I didn’t know how else to tell you.” And I’m crying. I just want to give her a big hug. Daniel tells her that she doesn’t have to leave; that they’ll figure something out. M: “We don’t have to figure anything out. I just need to know you still love me.” D: “Forever. Forever. And ever.” And I’m crying harder. She is giving up SO much for Tate and Brady. And it’s so fucking sad and unfair, but it’s also really, really beautiful too. M: “Being here, this is the happiest I’ve been in so long. With my little family. And my friends and Brady.” My heart. She deserves happiness and just as she gets it, she’s forced to give it up. Melanie tells Daniel that she talked to Nicole. M: “She’s so crazy about you.” D: “Okay. Alright. You’re still trying to patch things up between us? Before you head out of town?” M: “Maybe a little bit.” Haha. M: “I just hope I haven’t let you down.” D: “What? Never. You kidding me? You’re the best daughter in the world, honey.” M: “Well, I’m just trying to live up to you, Dad.” Lol. D: “Oh my gosh. I had no idea how to be a father when I first met you.” M: “Noooo. You did a good job of faking it.” Daniel hopes that Brady knows that she’s doing this because she loves him so much. Mel asks Daniel to remind Brady of that from time to time. Haha. Oh my goodness, this scene is breaking my heart. But I love it! It’s devastatingly sad, but the moments of humor are really wonderful.

Brady’s at the hospital all suited up and holding Tate. B: “So I’m gonna be the one taking you home, okay? I promise you. I know you have a pretty weird start in life, buddy, that’s all gonna change now. There’s a lot of people lined up, a lot of good people, that just want to love you. That’s all they want to do. This guy, right here, he loves you with all his heart. With all his heart.

Back at Daniel’s. Maggie sits with Melanie now. Let’s not talk about Theresa. Mel has a point. Brady and Tate need Maggie. Mel: “Who else is gonna keep Victor from controlling Tate?” Haha. Yeah, she’s gonna have to keep Victor’s controlling nature in check. Mel: “This is all your fault, you know that?” Mag: “How?” Mel: “You’re the first person that ever believed in me. You make me want to be the person you thought I was. And you loved me when I thought I didn’t deserve it.” Mag: “You always deserved to be loved. Always.” Mel: “I’m so lucky to have you.” Mag: “Luck has got nothing to do with it.” Yep, I pretty much can’t stop crying. Lol. Parker’s joined the ladies on the couch. Mel promises him regular FaceTime dates. Maggie, Daniel, and Parker head down to the car. Mel: “There’s no place like home.” She turns to follow behind her family and Brady’s standing in the doorway. My HEART. Brady apologizes for leaving before, but he didn’t to think. B: “Because I love you as much as I do, I have to trust you. I have to let you do what you think is right, to show your love to me. You found my son. You gave him to me and now it’s like you’re giving him to me again.” He tells her he’s loves her and they kiss. He wants to take her to the airport. B: “I know you’re gonna be far away, but trust me, you’re gonna be right here. *he points to his heart* And every single time my son cries, or smiles, or laughs, I’m gonna think about you and how you were so willing to give that moment to me. It doesn’t matter how far away you are, I swear to God, I’m gonna share ever single one of those moments with you.” They hug and oh my…they mouth “I love you” to each other. He lead her to the door and in true Melanie Jonas fashion, she calls “shotgun.” I’m crying and I’m laughing.

Serena walks through the HTS and gets a text from Eric telling her to come home because he misses her. Aww. Back in her room, a delivery guy shows up to deliver the photo from Xander and Eric signs for it. Dang. For a second I thought it might be life-ruiner Derrick at the door. Delivering such a photo would definitely fall under the “life-ruiner” category. Haha. Will Eric opened it??? Uh oh…Eric spills his coffee on the envelope! Well now you have to open it, honey! Haha. Serena returns to her room to Eric staring at the photo of her and Xander in bed. E: “You want to tell me what this is?” Dun dun dun!!!!!!

Nicole’s back in her office. Oh, Xander, go away! He doesn’t think all of their sneaking around is necessary anymore. N: “Why?” X: “I ran into Daniel. He’s already down on me just for being interested in you.” N: “And you’re okay with that?” X: “Something came up today. We have the chance to tell everyone, including each other, exactly where we stand.” DANGER, NIC, DANGER. He tells her that Victor and Maggie are having a family dinner. Is he inviting her to the dinner as his date? Oh good lord! That would be the worst and most entertaining dinner in Salem in awhile! Haha. Nicole declines his invitation and he gets all up in her personal space. Uh oh. X: “You’re turning me down again. Now is it because of Victor? Or is it really all about Daniel? Because if it’s him, you and I are going to have a very serious problem.” Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I’m terrified!!!!!

Sonny and Paul run into each other in what has become their spot in Salem; the spot off the Square going into the park. Sonny asks Paul what’s wrong and Paul tries to pretend he’s fine. P: “Why’re you asking?” S: “Because I know you.” Paul tells Sonny that he saw his nephew today. S: “And that got you down?” P: “No. I saw his guy with his kid while I was at the park; they were playing catch. The father was teaching his son how to throw. And it made me thing about what I didn’t have growing up.” Oh, honey. Damn it, Days! You’re really tugging at the heartstrings today, huh? I’ve spent more time teary and crying today than not. Lol. S: “I thought your grandfather taught you how to throw a ball?” P: “Oh, he did. And I love my grandfather too, it’s just…I don’t know, it’s just not the same. Then I started thinking about Arianna and how lucky she is to have two fathers. Especially now that her mother can’t be around. That little girl, she’s lost enough.” S: “What are you getting at?” P: “Maybe John was right? Maybe I should stay away from you.” FUCK YOU, DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I’m so angry (and sad) today. Sonny clearly doesn’t want Paul to stay away and dragging this shit out is so annoying! And Sonny staying with Will for Ari’s sake is only going to make life horrible for all three of them. Especially now that Will knows Sonny still loves Paul! They have ZERO trust. You can’t have a marriage and a family without trust.

Don’t let Paul walk away, Sonny! S: “You drop something like that on me and then you just walk away?” P: “Isn’t that what you want, Sonny? You want me to stay away.” S: “That’s what I thought was the best idea.” P: “Is that what you still think?” S: “I made a commitment.” (Stop fighting yourself, Sonny.) P: “So did Will.” S: “Just because he made mistake, doesn’t mean that I should.” P: “If it was us, I don’t know if you could call it a mistake. (Agreed.) See Will really didn’t know me and I didn’t know him at all, but you and I…we have history.” S: “We do.” (Did everyone else see that little half-step Sonny took towards Paul? And then he stopped himself?) Sonny tells Paul that he and Will just had another big fight. You gonna tell him what the fight was about, darling? Paul backs off right way and says that they shouldn’t be talking then. P: “Sonny, you know that I love you, but I don’t want something to happen between us just because you’re mad at Will. It needs to be about us.” Paul walks away. And Sonny did not want him to leave. Sonny, I love you, but get your shit together, honey. Figure out what you want and go and get it.

Today was really good! Despite all of my crying and yelling and swearing. I swore a lot today. Lol.

Will wanted honesty and he got it. Kinda. Lol. Sonny didn’t say the words, but now he’s admitted to Will and himself that he still loves Paul. Will’s story about what’s going to happen between Sonny and Paul was so weird. Lol. Like yeah, I’m all for that happening, but Paul isn’t as devious or as cunning as Will makes him out to be. Paul proved just that later in his scene with Sonny. Paul doesn’t want Sonny because he’s angry with Will. That’s not fair to Paul. Paul doesn’t want to be some sick revenge against Will. He loves Sonny and wants Sonny to love him in return. Which is exactly how it should be. I think Sonny knows that too…hence the half-step towards Paul and then backing off and mentioning the fight. Paul wanting to back off for the sake of Sonny’s family is lovely and noble and selfless, but it’s also a load of crap. (Though I did get a little teary when he was explaining himself. Lol.) Right now everyone is miserable. If Sonny stays with Will because of Ari, that misery will only intensify. And yeah, I want Paulson, but that’s no way for anyone to live. It’s certainly not a healthy environment to raise a child. The tears in Sonny’s eyes really hurt my heart. He can’t keep denying himself what he really wants.

Kate continues to be an idiot. “You can trust Clyde.” Is she huffing glue??? Will’s final line about going crazy if he can’t keep Paul away from Sonny was interesting now that I think on it more. Kristen went crazy after the whole Jarlena affair…is Will the new Kristen? That would be something. Or it would be more of the same because Will’s already so deranged. I don’t know.

Everything about Melanie’s exit was heartbreaking and perfect. Obviously, I pretty much cried through all of her scenes. Lol. Loved all of the personal little goodbyes, especially Nicole’s, Daniel’s, and Maggie’s. Don’t even get me started on Mel’s final goodbye with Brady or I’ll start crying again. Fave part? The mouthed I love yous and her calling shotgun, definitely.

Loved Brady’s scene with Tate. He’s going to be a great dad. I can’t wait!

Nicole is in some serious shit right now with Xander. He’s showing her his dangerous scary side, as opposed to his dangerous charming side, I guess. Lol.

No way is Eric going with Serena to Hawaii now. I mean he wasn’t going before he saw the photograph, but still.

Tomorrow is the last show of the week. Boo to the French Open. Haha.

Thanks for reading!!!

'til tomorrow 💗 A