[Photo|Trans] Ray Nov. 2014 Issue - Lee JongHyun

JongHyun: It is impossible to explain our charm. So please come to see our live concert.

Q. What new things do you want to try ?
JongHyun: Recently I started to play surfing with my friend.
I was happy to stand on the board at my first surfing day.
(—You have white skin.)
I can not get sunburned (laughs).
I don’t care and don’t use sunscreen though, never get sunburned.
If I have time in oversea countries, I want to try surfing at that sea.

Jonghyun and Phantom’s Kiggen at MLP Surf Club


Q. What fashion items did you buy these days ?
JongHyun: Watch that I wear now.
Very expensive (laughs).
It is European brand watch, I have wanted to buy when I grew old.
Our members all likes watch, they bought some watches but I refrained from buying some watches to buy only expensive one.


His Rolex Oyster worth +10,000 USD. This looks like different watches >.<

Q. Which artist do you want to collaborate ?
JongHyun: With hip hop artist.
Actually we played with Double K and Dok2.
Show program staffs asked us “please tell me if you have good idea”.
So we suggested “they rarely appear on TV so how about to play them?”
We were not friends but we like them they are cool.


Q. What fans catch your attention in concert ?

JongHyun: When we see enjoying fans, we also be excited.
And guy fans in rock festival, they set fire to our heart.
"I’ll never lose!" (laughs)
"I’ll enjoy more than you!"(laughs)

Q. Please choose 3 types of women which you like.
JongHyun: 2 is enough.
I prefer beautiful than cute.
Not absolutely though, beautiful is better (laughs).
Secondly, the woman who I can respect.
Respectable cool woman, I like so much.

Q. What thing do you do before on the stage ?
JongHyun: Do it till almost fainting, show our cool play, I imagine such way.
And shouting with 4, “do to dedicate our lives!”.

Q. What compliment do you want from girls ?
JongHyun: Not a girl though, at a-nation when I washed my hair at restroom, other bandsman came into and “Are you JongHyun san ?! I’m yearning to you.” despite of during shampoo.
I was surprised but happy.

Q. What good point of new album ?
JongHyun: We aware of summer.
We experience many things during summer, happy things and sad things.
I and YongHwa hyung has many memory in those songs but please don’t care it (laughs), please listen to it freely.
I want to recommend for Ray readers, “FOXY”.
Young and sexy song.
Please listen to this song and be a foxy lady (laughs).

Q. What about “Angel” for you ?
JongHyun: If it assume that give me cheerful, it is members and fans.
Actually we are very busy, to be honest, too heavy (laughs).
These days we work separately in a week, and meet at airport and go to play concert.
But when we play at concert, stress was blown off, and charge energy for new week.

Q. What did you change from debut days ?
JongHyun: Since debut we have many pressures but got relax in these days.
I can not think anything cause of too much stress, then turns don’t care/take it easy from that moment (laughs).


Translated by @ketchburning

Photos by @cnbminhyuk & @ketchburning

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Blind Love - Tone Chime choir studio version

Blind Love - CNBLUE studio version

Blind Love - CNBLUE live version

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