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Fighter Jonghyun… WAVE Making of SUMMER SONIC 2013

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140915 CNBLUE Radio ‘Shooting of Solo Cut’ PV:

Jonghyun Version:
Jungshin Version:
*Dvd from Album ‘WAVE (Limited Edition A)’

cr: nuromianchaochi


I promise promise promise this will be my last post, but I wanted to do one with writing and I’m awful at putting things into words. 

So, first things first: Happy Birthday to CNBLUE’s “Happy Virus”, literal puppy with a pet puppy, actual maknae (even though he may not look it with that height) and, “mental” bassist. The wonderful idiot who started out as my favorite member (although that’s changed cause it’s actually impossible to have a fave in cnblue, even though he’s creeping back up cause of the dog shots oh my god) It’s so weird to think about how the band didn’t start out with him as a bassist (then again the name was pinetree then, so a lot of things have changed…what kind of name is pinetree???) But anywhooooo, how can we have cnblue without the ex-long-haired idiot, who gets sad and worried when members throw his food around, is completely and utterly adorable, can always make the others smile, falls off the stage occasionally, is the greatest??? puppy owner ever (although poking your dog is so un-nice), and well, is a pretty darn good bassist. (also who else would be there to slap his bandmates on the face??? probably minhyuk


happy birthday to one of my idol CNBLUE.


thank you for being a great inspiration in our entire life through your acts, dance and music.

wish all the best to you, your group, and your love ones.

hope more years to come to inspire and making us happy.

please stay what you are and please don’t stop loving us.

because we will never stop loving you.

we love you

[!] B.A.P are nominated for the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards!

CNBlue, BEAST, KARA and B.A.P have been officially nominated for the ‘Best Korean Act’ category for the 2014 MTV EMA. Voting starts on September 16th!