Today is a very special day for all mexican BOICE :D

Thanks to our wonderful fan club cnbluemexicocom and all the love that we feel the mexican BOICE, we can make a food support for the whole team of The Three Musketeers. We have some pictures that were sent from Korea to see how preparations are going. All the staff will eat tacos and hope they love tacos and wanting to visit Mexico. 

That food support will be performing in a few hours and really is an honor to say that I supported this project. 

I’m sure it will be a successful project and with that Yonghwa and our boys us have much  more present in their hearts. 

No matter that we are to the other side of the world, we send all our love on that project and I know them may feel because in Mexico BOICE are all for one and one for all!

We shorten the distance because the heart of our boys and our hearts beats at the same rate ♥

#FoodSupportParkDahlyang #MexicolovesCNBLUE