Taking Karin's comments under my original post and posting them separately because they're unbelievably spot on and brilliant.

Re:  MJ’s blog/spoilers and her childish, uncalled for comments about my:

Original post

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being served exclusive information and then forget the accountability that comes with publishing it. Given the absurd storylines outlined in the detailed spoilers it would be strange if people weren’t questioning the credibility of the source and since the blog owner won’t or can’t give us any reassurance other than her word it would be nothing short of arrogant (delusions of grandeur?) to assume that people will automatically believe what they read.

I personally find it amusing that a blog owner fails to realise the power of internet campaigning or indeed how seriously social media is taken by companies and individuals relying on a positive image. Most companies, media organisations included, hire social media managers for this very reason and part of their role is to monitor any trend on social media that could enhance or damage the reputation of an individual, a brand or a company. This is not some dirty secret - it’s everyday business.

As for the spoilers, it’s simple really:

-They could be real and leaked without the company’s (FOX) knowledge in which case I foresee a massive fallout.

-They could be real and leaked with Glee on FOX blessing - presumably to generate interest and speculation

-They could be leaked by a credible source who is using this blog to spread misleading/false spoilers, again to generate a buzz.

-They could be leaked by a source who is not in fact credible but the blog owner decided to publish anyway.

-They could be made up based on information which is already available (Max Adler’s return, media outlets speculating about Blainofsky, the return to Lima, the Warblers etc. etc.).

If you publish a story without declaring how you have verified the source (independent corroboration, investigation procedures etc.) you have to be prepared not to be believed - that’s simply part of the job. An unprofessional response as the one above makes me wonder what other standard procedures for verifying information have been overlooked.

Karin my darling - you deserve a standing ovation.  BRAVO, my friend, BRAVO!!!

Just to clear few things up, when I say Bamon isn’t happening ‘romantically’ is not because I don’t want it to

I mean, sure I am before everything a hardcore Delena shipper, and I love Elena so much

But I can’t deny all the things that make Bamon appealing and interesting

- Both cute assholes that I love so much

- Both are unappreciated characters in the show (They don’t get enough credit for the sacrifices they make)

- Both badasses who ALWAYS fix things and get shit done

- Both ready to die for the people they love anytime

- The chemistry can not be denied

- They have the perfect foundation for an endgame relationship (they started out hating each other :P)


- Honestly, Bonnie needs to be with Someone who is more mature that Jeremy, Damon is the kind of guy who always puts his girl first and Bonnie never had that with Jeremy or anyone to be honest and she’s a wonderful selfless person who deserves to have that

I think I can find more reasons but you got my point, so when I say Bamon isn’t happening, this is what I mean

- Julie Plec said that was not the plan, that she wanted Damon and Bonnie to bond and become comrades but nothing romantic is there for them

- She said her initial plan was to keep Bonnie dead this time, which means she was not included in the endgame decision, but Kat Graham convinced her that there is so much more to explore with Bonnie

- Julie Plec also said that IF Bamon ever have a romantic phase it will be to make use of their chemistry like they did with Klaroline (and what they basically did with Klaroline is (attraction - sex - bye) and now both characters have love interests in their own shows

- That added to the fact that the show most likely will end at seven seasons in it’s best cases, which means there is not enough time to deconstruct Delena (which reached the point of being each other’s eternity) and build Bamon up romantically

So no, I don’t hate Bamon, I actually like the idea except for it to be made now would mean it will not be made right and will only ruin the characters because it will be fan service

Plus, 5 years of building Delena endgame, the couple that won best couple of all time and ship of the year and best on-screen chemistry will not be sacrificed for the sake of a ship that hasn’t even been built up yet

and I swear this isn’t hate but as much as the idea of Bamon seems beautiful and no matter what Bamon have

What Delena already have is SO MUCH MORE