If I go on my computer, there’s a button that can connect me to all the sites I look at most often, and they’re all porn.
—  Tom Ford.
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Name: Allison
Birthday: July 9th

Favorite colors: Black, dark green, light blue, maroon
Lucky number: 9
Height: 157 cm (5 feet 1.5 inches)
Talents: ????????? writing? criticizing? being friendly??? this is very difficult i have no special abilities

Last dream you remember: Me and my sister walking around some creepy Outlast-type hospital, meeting up with classmates and my boyfriend at some point, then climbing some big tree with candles in its branches or something
Can you juggle: my responsibilities, yeah (but lol no)
Art/sports/both: Art

Do you like writing: hells yeah 

Do you like dancing: nooooo I’m too uptight and self conscious lol
Do you like singing: yes


Dream vacation: TOUR AROUND TAIWAN with the bf and go everywhere. just show him all the cool stuff and be a tourist in my country bc I always wanted to do that

Dream guy/gal: Someone who isn’t afraid to be seen with me in public, affectionate, will defend themselves in an argument, knows what they want in life, not afraid to want more from their situation, same political views as me. Also I have no particular dream guy, but basically my current boyfriend who is white but stays in his lane and is a raging feminist and is prone to outbursts of socialism and is obsessed with flowers and plants and is a gentle beanpole who loves animals and babies and dotes on his pets. He is a sweet sensitive angel but is also super intelligent when he argues with people. He’s just. ugh. so nice. i love him its so embarrassing

Dream wedding: Like a real quick one in court and then a reception that lasts for a week and includes EVERYBODY bc when I entertain getting married with my boyfriend, it’s always a headache to think about how we’d include our families since his lives in the Midwest and mine lives in New England and Taiwan, so im thinking just have 3 bitchin’ receptions in each those places and invite everybody in that area, so they wouldn’t have to travel, also that way my liberal socialist family wouldn’t have to interact with his HEAVILY republican family lol. But i hate splashy big weddings that go on for like 10 hours so I’d just get a certificate in court and then go party.

Dream pet: at least 2 dogs, BIG HUGE LARGE fishtank with lots of fish, definitely some birds, maybe parakeets or finches and some cockatiels and a LIZARD!!!!!!! And a turtle and maybe a snake ooh also LOTS AND LOTS of plants, and at LEAST 4 RATS I love rats I want 100 but that would be too many. you know what just give me a zoo i’ll have an entire zoo
Dream job: a successful evolutionary linguist that gets invited to all these fancy institutions and runs programs for girls to get into STEM fields and gives motivational speeches at women’s colleges! And maybe someday publishes tons of books on women in science and convinces Noam Chomsky that linguistic evolution is a thing. Also I own a zoo. And a pet shelter.
Favorite song: at the moment it’s Ballad Of A Politician - Regina Spektor
Last song you heard on the radio: War Pigs - Black Sabbath


Guys/girls/both: All genders but I prefer women.
Hair color: On guys, brown or black or (rarely) blond. on girls, brown, black, or red.
Eye color: DARK OR LIGHT I DON’T CARE AS LONG AS THEY DON’T THEMSELVES CARE (hate those people that are like “ooh look my eyes change color and are blue and green with sparkly rainbows inside~~~”)

Humorous/serious: An even mix of both. I CANNOT STAND people who don’t know when to be serious, but having a (tasteful) sense of humor is important too.
Taller/shorter: Taller than me is all I ask (so basically if you’re above 5’2 you’re good haha)
Biggest turn-off: Unashamed white privilege. politically ignorant, apathetic, or a know-it-all. Bad fashion sense. Gross-smelling!!!
Biggest turn on: respectful!!! laughs at my stupid jokes, plays some sort of instrument (singing counts but the kazoo does not) (even a tuba counts)

TAGGING: s4me-rules-apply, carolsnooze, soft-as-snow-but-dead-inside, energizedcolorwart, sodelightfullyvague, the-pursuit-of-hafu-ness or anyone if they want to lol. or dont. its ok shh. i understand

anonymous said:

Mochi ice cream, mint choco froyo, cookies and cream froyo, bubble tea, and strawberry iced tea!!

mochi ice cream: what i look for in a friend

i m0stly look f0r n1ce, positive pe0ple who sh4re my interests! it’s k1nd of h4rd to h0ld conversati0n when y0u don’t l1ke the s4me things.

mint choco froyo: 3 things i’m proud of

0oh th4t’s a t0ugh one. l3t’s see, i’ve g0tten a lot b3tter at t4lking wh3n i need t0! i’m w0rking towards be1ng m0re productive n0w th4t schools st4rting, and i’ve m4de l0ts of n1ce friends~

cookies and cream froyo: 3 things you can do to make me automatically like you

it’s n0t th4t hard re4lly! just be p4tient, accept1ng, and understand1ng!

bubble tea: fashion pet peeve

i d0nt re4lly have any s1nce i’m ridiculously t4cky myself.

strawberry iced tea: your best feature

ahh i h4d to th1nk a little bit on th1s one! in my opini0n i’m re4lly good at st4ying positive wh3n others ne3d me t0 be~

anonymous said:

Wytmon, how can you hope to fight against zombies?

The s4me d4mn w4y you fi6ht a6ainst everythin6!!

> You hold up your Bren in one arm, and a bundle of stick grenades in the other

4pplic4tion of he4vy-duty milit4ry 6r4de firepower!!

primadonna girl yeah


i am an afroeurasian woman in america - my skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel. i will not cringe for them. i am the blood of the dragon and i will take what is mine with fire and blood bc the women are the strong ones. 

so dont mess with me or u will pay the iron price

praise jesus thank u

ps come to jesus fun camp