thanks to mysimlifefou for converting the bomber jacket

i made these recollors 

hope u like it injoy


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Okay, so i decided to try this week’s Building Challenge, which was to create a starter home. This is the first time i have tried building a nice starter home. Usually i just build crappy ones and then i wait to upgrade them. 

Starting Fresh 

Lot size: 20x15
Price: 19.968 simoleons
Packs required: Only base game

do have some CC in this, but you can easily download it without having the CC. 

CC list:

If there is something that i forgot, please let me know!

You can find this at the gallery;
Origin-ID: TheFreckledPixel
Item name: Starting Fresh 


Remember to check those two ^
(My game is in danish, sorry - hopefully you know what i am talking about)


Garden beds hidden in the debug objects, in the game now for every sim to use around the home.

There are 12 different types, some are flat some are mounded. The mounded ones

cannot have plants on top of the mound, they sink in, good for trees and bushes

around the edges. I did find some potted plants looked good in them as the

pot is hidden in the mound. The are found in decorations – plants.

These are non-default and a standalone creation.

Download at Simista

Yahoo: Producers Tease What's Ahead


As previously mentioned, the arrival of the queens of darkness in the hidden hamlet really upsets Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas). Just as the unholy trinity has history together, it appears the royal couple has had more dealings with them than they would like to admit and they are definitely not proud of those actions. Attempts to keep their shameful past a secret by any means necessary, including enlisting the help of a former enemy and lying to their daughter Emma (Jennifer Morrison), will have dangerous ramifications both immediately and throughout the rest of the year. Discovering the truth might be the straw that sends the savior to the dark side as suggested in the promo that aired during the Oscars. “One of the big themes we want to deal with is what makes someone a hero and what makes someone a villain,” said Horowitz. “Emma has spent a long time being told she’s a savior and now she is going to have to face that it’s not as black and white as that. All of our characters are going to be wrestling with this idea of good and evil, not just in terms of what they are facing as an external threat but internally within themselves.”

But just how far down the evil rabbit are the creators willing to let Emma fall? “Enough, but not enough that it’s bleak and you go, ‘What did they do to Once Upon A Time? That’s the icky show now.’ We want to explore if you have done a bad thing, can you come back from it? Can you become the person you want to be even if you didn’t start out that way and vice versa,” said Kitsis before Horowitz chimed in with, “It’s less about what the powers are than how they’re used.”

All of the villains, reformed or not, appear to want the same thing — happy endings — and all of their strategies involve finding the illusive Author. The EPs would not clarify if the Sorcerer and the Author were the same person, but confirmed that we will meet him/her/it before the finale and that the search will involve the return of August in some capacity. Kitsis remained cryptic, “I would say this, ‘If you’re searching for the author, you’re gonna check with the guy who rode into town with a typewriter.” 

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