I couldn’t see the episode tonight (missed first half and then last half just wouldn’t work on any stream I tried).

But thanks to all you wonderful shipmates uploading gifsets, posting quotes etc it feels like I have, and I’m squeeeeing all over the house right now.

An extremely bad day has been put right and I thank you all, mateys. ALL the kisses. ♥

The Middle Episode Commentary Review

Episode Title: Halloween

Official Episode Summary:

Sue’s costume makes her rethink her wardrobe, while Mike gets spooked by realising his little ghoul is growing up.

Episode Summary:

Frankie is stuck taking Brick’s Social Issue group trick n’ treating, (less of the trick, more of the treat) Axl and his friends dress up as superheroes and plan to get candy and sell them back to the kids for a price but ends up being real heroes for a girl and her little brother. Sue asks Mike for advice regarding boys which in turn made her reconsider her wardrobe which makes Mike nervous.

Favorite Quotes:

“Aren’t you too old to be dressed up for Hall-lame-ween?” – Axl (to Sue)

“Why don’t you get lost like all the dice in this house, hmm?” – Axl (to Sue)

“Tomorrow is a new day.” – Mike (to Sue)

“Studies show that girls who are close with fathers start having sex later in life.” – Frankie

“Maybe you should stop dressing like a third grader.” – Mike (to Sue)

“I gotta bring my inner Sue out like when Beyoncé became Sasha Fierce.” - Sue

“This man is legendary. Agility, speed, candy-to hand ratio.” – Sean Donahue (to Brick, re: Axl’s skills in trick n’ treating)

“Half of the houses in the neighborhood would run out of candy because of him.” – Darrin (to Brick, re: Axl’s skills in trick n’ treating)

“We sell the Suckers back their suckers.” – Axl (to Sean & Darrin)

“You don’t have a problem about the shirt. You have a problem with what’s inside the shirt.” – Frankie (to Mike)

“Think I’m still in the top five?” – Brick (to Frankie)

“Citizens of Orson, have no fear, these streets are safe once again.” – Axl (to Little Gaga and her brother Kevin)

“I’m spreading goodness in the world, not rudeness and judgment.” – Frankie (to the rude woman)

Favorite Scene/s:

Sue’s dice box costume.

The (overly) awkward Father-Daughter talk between Sue and Mike.

The montage of Sue’s outfits.

Sue’s ‘grocery bag’ as a purse.

Sue’s glittery purple shirt.

The soda scenes.

Frankie tying all the social-issue kids to her in one long queue.

Axl, Sean and Darrin giving the candies that was stolen by the bully back to Little Gaga and her brother Kevin (dressed like Godzilla?)

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