'Being a Heart Breaker' Pose Pack…

Just a little Pose Pack for you guys out there and also to show our appreciation to anyone who voted for us in the 2014 Simblr Awards. Honestly, I’m flabbergasted amazed that we won an award! Thank you so much to anyone who voted :3





So, these are just 4 little poses I made in the space of about 3 hours. I really wanted to release another Pose Pack for you munchkins so I thought now was the right time to do it. These are post list compatible!

 o Don’t re-upload

 o Don’t claim as your own

 o Don’t use them as a base.

 o Lastly, remember to enjoy them (:



300 follower poseset.

2 couple poses.

pose codes: staring into eyes - male - a_littlep_300follower01  ,  female - a_littlep_300follower02

kissing cheek - male - a_littlep_300follower03  , female -  a_littlep_300follower04

Pose list compatible!


So..after 2 days of a bad inside joke xD I’m finally going to say YES, I make poses now. Those poses that i “found” I  actually made and that picture up there is the next one in the process of being made. Its crazy because I made all those poses in the course of two days; yeah i started yesterday lol. Thank God for the 99 cents store. But now I’ll be making a bunch of poses. Not gonna take requests for a while and Will I share them? Dont watch that. lol Just kidding eventually I will but for now; nope. Buuttt if you see one you like and have the guts to send me a message (no anonymous ones) I may share it with you >3< ♥♥


Multi Lovers pose pack

This pose pack consists of 2 poses a couple pose and a baby/toddler pose

Pose List Compatable

Codes: Female - a_littlep_lovers01        Male - a_littlep_loverz02

Toddler - p_littlep_earlybrother01         Baby - b_littlep_earlybrother02

Link - Mediafire

Go check out all details about the poses at my Blog.


Hey best frandddd i guess i’m on a luck streak or something with finding all these great poses its amazing. But Here’s Wynter once again and a new sim ? :o Now who could this be? Well that’s Matthew Calloway a cousin of hers that didnt like her living all by herself sooo now she lives with him. However again that’s besides the point I’ve just been finding all these great looking poses lately idk. It must be great luck ;) lmao