The Following

The show that starts every season with promise then fucks it up every time.

The twins. Mark, Luke. They are bad, yes, we have seen what they are capable of. But I highly doubt rape would be something Lily would tolerate. She brought them up respectively and that was shown ALL last season and she was a proud woman.

I can understand Marks split personality. I can deal with that. I think it was an interesting (though not surprising) twist on this season and how Mark has dealt with the loss of his twin. But the moment they insinuate one or both of them being pretty much rapists and or the possibility one of them could do it? No.

And here is why; Mark was molested as a child. There is no way in hell that he would do that to someone else, adult or otherwise, you can see that his encounter with it is still with him by the way he moves away and flinches when people try to touch him.

Luke can be an asshole He plays with his victims, he has a crude sense of humor, but can I see him actually raping them? Again: No.

These writers are trying to go for shock value but instead all its going to do is piss people, like me and the Mark I roleplay with, and other people who enjoy the show or characters, off. I admit yes, I was pissed off by it considering I do like the twins. But even if I didn’t I still cant see them going that far with the things they do. There was no need for that scene, there was no point of it in my opinion. They did not need to go off in that direction what so ever.