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Hi hi :3 I dunno if you were actually serious about wanting these, but here we go anyway! I'm Casee and my favorite color is grey, favorite ship is OT9, favorite ice cream flavor is birthday cake, I don't have a cat, and I'm a Hufflepuff. Have a nice day ^^

YES I WAS ACTUALLY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! xD Tbh, this is actually really interesting LOL. I LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS ABOUT MY FOLLOWERS ♥ Thank you for following me, thank you for sending me this message, thank you, THANK YOU! ^^ I love birthday cake ice cream too xD I hope we can talk more in the future! Oh yeah, and it’s night over here so… :P

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TAG. You’re it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then, go to your 10 favorite blogs and tell them you’re it <3 if <3 you <3 get <3 five <3 back <3 you <3 must <3 be <3 perfect. <3

ahhhhh, ok here we go.

  1. i have a huge ass birthmark/mole thing on my back. it’s not that big but i feel like it’s big lol
  2. i have a habit of touching my lips whenever i’m thinking or just blanking out.
  3. i love henry cavill and matt bomer.
  4. my bday is nov 28
  5. ummmmm i love spicy food. spicy food is my life.
  6. i love chocolate.
  7. i love winter and autumn.
  8. my room is always messy. 
  9. i love scarves
  10. i hate summer.

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Have fun ^^ : 7, 16, 31, 63

7) Talked yourself out of serious trouble?

Yes I have, so many times actually that it’s hard to pick a single occasion to explain about lol, let’s just say that I’m extremely persuasive ^^

16) (Right now, are you:) Avoiding some task? 

Ughhh yeeees, I need to turn in a few essays so I could graduate but I still have a month until they’re due so I just can’t be arsed to write them haha ^^

31) (Do you:) Believe in God/Belong to a religion of your own free will? 

I wouldn’t say that I directly believe in God but I do believe that there is indeed some higher force. And as of now I belong to a religion because I’m forced to be in it and I have no word on the matter. Not that I really mind though tbh since it only gives me benefits. 

63) (Would you:) Edit photos of yourself before posting them online? 

No, even though I’m not the prettiest of the bunch I still don’t see the point of editing pictures of myself. As if that’d make me feel better about myself lol…

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Rule 1: Post the rules  Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger asked you, then make 11 new ones.  Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post  Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them
  • where do you live? South East Queensland
  • what’s your favourite colour? Blue
  • do you like animals? if you do, which? PUPPIES!!! Also dogs. Big dogs are best, but little ones can be cool.
  • what’s your favourite food? Samgyeapsal
  • what’s your fave song in english? This changes every day, but today it’s The Postal Service – This Place is a Prison
  • what is your most precious possesion? No idea, umm, my Hyoyeon photocards
  • what are you good at? Oh man too insecure to say I’m good at something, but I’m really good at badly reading rules for games and explaining them poorly.
  • what kind of movies do you like? Black comedies
  • what’s the colour of your hair? Brown
  • are you an only child? Negatory, I have a Noona.
  • what kdramas do you like? Arang and the Magistrate and City Hunter.

The questions you should answer:

  1. How far are you living from where you were born?
  2. What foot did you put into your clothes first?
  3. Rumours about your ‘bias’, care much?
  4. Did you vote in your last national election?
  5. When is the next time you’re going to go play in a park?
  6. Have you ever had pets that weren’t a dog/cat/bird?
  7. What was the last thing you recommended to someone?
  8. Did they enjoy it?
  9. Have you seen any live music lately?
  10. When was the last time a photo of you was taken that you were happy with?
  11. Where would you rather be, right now?

I tag: boxxsaltz, s0nyuhshigay, sohyo, g-odalisque13, cutiesoonkyu, flyinginlostdreams, hyosic

Couldn’t think of 11 people, next time.