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❤ - character most similar to you

MMM..Good question. That’s kinda hard. Mostly because I’m a mixture between Knuckles, Amy and Sonic. But MOST similar would probably be Knuckles..er or Amy..I honestly don’t even know. If my freinds were big Sonic fans like me, they would be able to tell you.

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Amy or Sonic ! (For the blog thingy hahah, I don't know if you're still doing those)

Thank you~ 

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Detailed Comment/Advice: I love the way you draw! Seeing your art makes me happy :3 Your blog is also really cute :D I have no advice to give you since your blog is already perfect~

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Sorry if this is late!! 

Cosplayers! We are currently trying to form an Under Night In Birth group for Anime Expo 2015 and are looking for more members! We are accepting all of the following:
• Any character from the series (including doubles)
• Alternate colors are acceptable
• Genderbend characters are acceptable
• Anyone who wants to have fun
We currently have a Hyde, Seth, and Hilda, but hopefully we can find most of the cast! If you’d like to join you can contact me through Tumblr or Kik me at S0nic_Blade. Or if you are interested but not quite hooked yet, contact anyway and feel free to ask questions! Hope to see you all at Anime Expo!