Because every couple has their problems.. 3 DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS FOR THE WIN!!

I think it would be really hard for Elsa to break her habits of being alone and hiding her feelings because she’s been doing it for so long. I think Jack and Anna would get a little frustrated at her at times. This will be continued and it will be cute and have a happy ending!



-Elsa: My glove? My cape?!

-Jack: Yeah…I’ve had these for a while, and I needed to give them back some how, so I thought I’d return them the way you gave them to me~

My response to the head canon that Elsa’s cape (and glove) hit Jack during “Let it Go” (If some one could find me a link I would be very grateful!)



J is for JELSA!

DANG CUTIES. I made a J out of Jelsa! lol. I want to put this drawing on a shirt but I think the monotone one that I did would look better on a shirt. This is better as far as art goes. (I promise I’ll post the rest of the angsty Jelsa fight as soon as I fix my dumb drawings)


To make Hans’ siblings you need to know what the parents look like, at the very least, because you do not want 12 carbon copies of Hans with different hair styles.

So for Hans’ mother I could find nor create a better design than this one  I tweaked it a little bit but other than minor ittybitty details it was perfect. Credit goes to the artist.

Han’s father was created with the features left over and a few features all his own. NOW! Onto creating my version of the 12 brothers…