"Did I Just Say That?!"
Jorge-052 and Alyss-B312 - A Gift for AskNobleSix

This one posed a few challenges for me honestly… Jorge is older than the characters I’m used to drawing, and there may or may not continue to be a few more changes made to him over the next few weeks… I’ve never done facial hair before until now either… And…
And I almost never, EVER draw females. 
SO…. That said, I’m pleased with how it turned out and I hope you are too, Six!Mun. 

s-052 // reachhasfallen

Six had been walking around all morning with dread weighing him down. He’d had another nightmare, same as always— Reach was an ever-present part of his life, though he’d left the planet a long time ago. The whole experience had changed him, but what he regretted the most was not being able to save his team. Nothing hurt him more than the knowledge that somehow, there must have been a way to get at least one of them out alive, and he didn’t find it fast enough.

The worst loss had been Jorge, by far. He had chosen his fate, and that was what bothered Six. It was his drive to keep up the fight. All this time, he had held on to his dog tags— out of respect or denial, he didn’t know.

The Spartan was leaning against the side of one of the hangars mulling the whole thing over when he thought he saw… No. He died. I can’t be hallucinating things now, I’m already messed up enough! They’ll never let me back in if I lose it completely. But just to be sure, he stood up and took a deep breath in.

"Jorge? Is… That you?" 


Down Time

Noble Six was sitting quietly in the Mess Hall, half nursing her broken hand, half idly picking at a tray of food with her good hand. The day had been quite uneventful even with her not being able to do anything for at least a short while. Spartans healed very quickly, so she would probably be back up to fighting condition relatively soon.

Listening to the idle chitchat of a table of ODSTs nearby, Six sat alone like always. They were primarily discussing some of their…more…romantic affairs, as she’d noticed many men seemed to do. It was rather entertaining, even if she had no idea what ninety percent of what they were talking about meant.

Unwanted Attention // S-052

Alyss was quietly sitting in a corner of the one of the secondary ship lounges. There were three total, seeing the sheer size of the ship, and she figured that seeing she’d never been to this particular one, she’d be able to have some peace and quiet away from everyone else. Curled up in her seat, she was attempting to keep herself occupied with a fiction novel uploaded onto her tacpad, one that Roland highly recommended for her.

So far it was rather boring, but a part of her was curious enough about it to continue reading.

The III had almost reverted back to her past disheveled look, seeing as she hadn’t slept at all since her fight with Jorge. Dark circles lay under her eyes and her hair was a frantic mess. But stim-packs were a godsend.

The ships medics were worried that she was addicted to them. Which she clearly was, but none of them were willing enough to try and fix that problem.

The subtle beeps of the machinery Alyss was hooked up to began to quicken. Stirring slightly where she lay, the Spartan-III let out a slight groan, her eyelids twitched furiously.
She did not yet wake, but it was a good sign.

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"Jorge I made you a beverage."

// Noble Six Online

"Tch, c’mon… "
Six had left her quarters early enough that she had assumed the main gym area would have been fairly empty. But of course, she’d been wrong. She had wanted to snag a treadmill, to put on the lowest possible setting to use it to get walking again.

The little ‘chat’ with Comet was still in her thoughts, and the fact that he had no right or reason to have talked down on her like that was her reasoning to not want any help. Jorge had said he would assist her, but she was determined to do it without him.


[[OOC - I just somewhat realized that we don’t really have a list of how many canon SPARTAN-II RPers there are here on Tumblr… 

I won’t be listing all of the Master Chief RPers, as I know I’m one of many, but in terms of the others I currently know of:

Sierra-104 - Far as I know, Sierra-104Mun is the only Fred on Tumblr… 

S-052 - Also plays an awesome Spartan-IV by the name of Taggart. 
Noble-5 - Played by the amazing noble-actual. 
SpartanJorge-052 - Would like to get the ball rolling with RP (again? Not sure…). 

If there are any others that I missed that are active, please let me know? I just haven’t found any others.