[10:53] AC: im g0ing t0 pet the fears0me titan

[10:55] SG: oh noooooo.

[10:58] AC: im g0ing t0 d0 it

[10:58] SG: nooooooo.

[10:59] AC: *pets y0u l0ts*

[10:59] SG: oh no..

[10:59] AC: even w0rse

[11:00] AC: *kisses y0ur f0rehead*

[11:00] SG: melting…

[11:01] AC: by kisses?

[11:03] SG: too sweet.

[11:03] AC: g00d

[11:03] SG: helios blob.

[11:05] AC: s0 cute

[11:10] SG: blub blub

anonymous asked:

why is every day on this website harry praise day (but they play let's pretend we don't talk about how much we praise him everyday and instead pretend it's underrated)

i just had 20 heart attacks reading this sentence, you’re out for the kill today. it’s because harry is s0 cute and angelic ob v   uwu