Arts programmes wales

As a Newport based arts programmes, U.R.B.A.N aim to reinvent the city’s vacant retail space into creative workshops allowing local talent to be exhibited and celebrated in view of the public with the aim to “engage the general public with the arts and the arts with the general public.” The empty shops will be home to various thought-provoking forms of art from fine-art to film, from dance and music to photography and fashion that is available for all ages and will hopefully inspire even more local South Wales talent.

‘The Empty Shops Project’ is totally unique to Wales as it is the only prominent organisation that carries out such projects, making it all that little bit more special. The first work-shops took place in 2010 and were a huge success resulting a massively viable and valuable platform from which the new project, U.R.B.A.N, sprung to life.

Funded by Arts Council Wales and Newport City Council arts development U.R.B.A.N encourage and offer opportunities for artists producing exceptional work, both professional and emerging, to showcase and share their work and skills with the public thanks to the work-shops that are being set up all over Newport.

Ultimately U.R.B.A.N enables creative opportunities to emerge and new talent to thrive through the passion of the team and South Wales community. Check it out here for yourselves, it’s free and you never know you may just discover your inner artist. 

Written by Laura Kenny,