Finally getting to play an awesome game then suddenly doing five 65+ hour weeks is not okay. Not. Okay. It makes you think about all the stuff you wanna draw then you come out with something completely and randomly crazy. Like this.

Also, though not originally him, every time I quote this in my head all I can think of is Jake………….. I need to do some AT fanart. 

anonymous said:

I think the best thing they could do if they go the Lara x Sam route is not dwell on it. Just say yeah, they're together, then focus on setting up the sequel. The scene I set up in my head is Lara having some sort of nightmare where she loses Sam at Yamatai, wakes up suddenly scared, then looks next to her and sees that Sam is still there in bed with her. Even though the writer is good, I'm still wary of good LGTB stories from the game industry.

Well, Gail Simone you can trust with a gay character - that’s for sure. You don’t need to be wary of her at all. The question is whether or not that’s where we’re headed. I’m skeptical whether that’s the case, but the choice of writers seems to suggest something. I just don’t know if they picked her because she writes kick-ass females or because she’s basically a champion for every marginalized community out there and therefore would write bi/gay Lara well.

I agree Lara’s sexuality should not be the focus of anything. It would take away too much from the fact this is essentially an adventure franchise. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t have sexuality or be gay. But yes, I agree, low-key is good.