S.H.I.E.L.D.E.D // tinkertony

He’d made sure the place was deserted before he entered. Everyone had gone home, the place was quiet and the security easily taken offline. With no cameras or motion sensors to detect him, he walked through the building without a care or worry to deter him. His sonic quickly latched onto the signal and it didn’t take him long to locate the item he was looking for.


How adorable, a high tech vault with a passcode, fingerprint scanner and voice activation. Not really a match for the sonic, though it really was a lovely piece of technology. Whoever had designed it had spared no expense. But there in front of him was the large black cube. Intricate designs in a faded red decorated each side.

He’d been chasing it for ages, it was definetly dangerous in the wrong hands and too often had those wrong hands been human. He lifted it up from it’s pedestal, surprised by the weight, it was lighter than one would expect looking at it. The Doctor pushed back his sleeve, getting ready to input the coordinates into the “borrowed” vortex manipulator. 

Footsteps…those sound like footsteps. Oh dear. Definetly time to leave.

Of course it wasn’t easy to hold a large cube against your chest and wrapped your other arm around it to press a few buttons on your left wrist. Which was why before he’d even pressed the first number that he felt something pressed against the small of his back.


Not good, very not good.

"Don’t move." Am I moving? I’m not moving, please do not shoot. He could figure a way out of this, of course he could. He was the Doctor after all.


So @lexigeek wants in on the Joss Whedon S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series- one impressive job application:


If you do only one thing today.
Watch this.