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S.A.V.E night at Pizza Hut

S.A.V.E (Sustaining A Village Everyday) is a service project that our Junior Class Student Council decided to work with. S.A.V.E supports a village in Haiti, by raising money to buy livestock, supplying items and seeds for farming, building schools, houses, and farms, and so much more. We took up the project of raising money to build a new well in that village in Haiti. We raised a majority of the money by having a S.A.V.E night at Pizza Hut. We passed out flyers at school, and told our family and friends to go to Pizza Hut that night. If they gave the flyer to the cashier a percentage of the cost of their order would be donated to our cause. I spent my afternoon handing out flyers in front of Pizza Hut, and holding up signs promoting our fundraiser. 

In total, we raised a little over $700, allowing us the help build the well, thanks to SAVE night and donations from other local businesses. 

time: 3 hours

Princess Jellyfish

I am so excited! I missed Princess Jellyfish on DvD back when it came out :( Luckily, rightstuf is resaling it as a S.A.V.E edition and its only 18$!

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