ten thousand two hundred and forty five

the number of messages we’ve exchanged

even after all the songs we sent
and all the secrets typed along with their tunes
i have no courage to spill out the biggest of them all

and it’s surprising, you know
cause i had no problem showing my boobs
to a random guy i found on chat
but then again, it is obvious

it takes less guts to strip your body than to reveal your feelings

and it’s easier to tease than admit you wanna hold hands and
say all the lame romantic shit everyone thinks you hates

ten thousand two hundred and forty five

is barely enough to convince me i really want to take that risk

cause we both know what we have here is fragile
and i am a raw, unpolished personyou could say
i have a hard time handling people

and you, you are this too-good-to-be-true blue-eyed miracle
the kind of a person that makes everyone smile
and that just reminds of sappy lovesongs and slow dancing

ten thousand two hundred and forty five

and i bet more than half of it are
unsaid ‘i love you’s from my side

—  s.a.g.