Holy moly… another one for Aiba-chan O.O Tokyo Live 24hr which was a 2 week SP in April where 5 Johnny’s - NEWS’ Koyama, TOKIO’s Matsuoka, Aiba-chan, Kinki Kids’ Domoto Tsuyoshi and K8’s Yasuda would answer the troubles of the citizens… will become a regular show starting from October at 9.54pm JST on Sundays on TV Tokyo. Don’t know if Aiba-chan will be on every week, well~ I don’t know how it gonna be, but wow! I expected to be at least a SP but a regular TV… omedetou, Arashi’s variety king!

(Credit: twitter)

jason evans and simon foxton for i-D, 1991

SAPE, four letters that alone define a spirit, a dandyism, and a social revolt. la sape is french slang for “well-dressed,” it was also an acronym for “sociéte des ambiancers et des personnes élégantes” (club of ambiance-givers and elegant persons).