This is supposed to be America meeting Benjamin Franklin for the first time but not having found a good reference on what young Franklin looked like I came out less than I wanted. 

Anyways when Ben was 17 he ran away from home (his bother harassed/beat him because he was jealous of his success with his Douglass letters) and back in those days it was actually illegal to runaway. So there was a time where Ben was walking around looking for work.(Mainly a printing job) And in my head cannons I like to think  that when America and Franklin meet.

Ben gets lost and desperate for some food and deices to steal some bread (baked by England)  from a home deep in the woods. only to be found by young America home from hunting who invites Franklin to stay with him in till England returns. (Who’s overseas)

Franklin is often dubbed as the ‘First American’  so I think it’s only fitting that he would be the first human that America revels his secret about being a personification to; and over the many years of their friendship they influence each other with the ideals and values of what the American character will be. 

Dolores Costello married John Barrymore in 1928. They are Drew Barrymore’s grandparents. John said of Dolores, “I just laid eyes upon the most preposter-ously lovely creature in all the world. She walked into the studio like a charming child, slender and shy and golden-haired. Never saw such radiance. I knew she was the one I had been waiting for all my life.”

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Have you seen all this business about Jay being hacked twice in the same day? And miraculously it is all to reveal Elounor information?

I feel like my entire opinion on 1DHQ and Elounor shippers can be summed up as: “No one could be that stupid—okay then, I stand corrected.”

Here’s the thing, I know H/L are together, so instances like what have happened today, while annoying, have zero impact on what I know to be true about H/L.