Esa línea delgada entre lo que haces, lo que sabes y el ego. No todo es blanco o negro, también existen matices. No hay que juzgar sin conocer, no somos perfectos y no sabemos más que un poco del gran todo. Por último, no todos tenemos las mismas habilidades ni inteligencias desarrolladas por igual. Somos seres humanos, somos personas… todos los días aprendemos algo nuevo. Somos dueños de nuestra propia voz y somos reyes de nuestros propios sueños.
—  Cada uno es único y especial
  • Love never dies...
  • allon-s-k & that-crazy-fangirl-over-there

Art by: wonderfullyweirdgirl

Vivi: that-crazy-fangirl-over-there

Lewis: Me!

So, after I announced that I was willing to do collabs with just about anyone, I got a message from this girl here, and she was wanting to get back into Voice Acting. Her equipment isn’t the best, but her heart was in the right place for it, and I couldn’t refuse.

If this doesn’t twist your chest up, and take your breath away, then I don’t know what will.

edit: Crediting the wonderful musician


"Eight years ago.. When you destroyed those nasty rumours by going out on the quiz show. While watching that show.. my heart was so overwhelmed with joy. You put everyone in their place when they saw you on TV. Do you know how satisfying that felt? That’s when it all started. My dreams of wanting to be a news reporter. It’s because of you, not my mom. What I felt that day, it’s still in here. To the point it won’t disappear for even a second."

Translation: I Killed You (Part 8/14)

Genre: Modern!Eren x Snkverse!Levi, domestic!ereri, angst, fluff

Artist: 寥九_是寥寥无几的寥

Trans: koi

T/N: I’m so sorry that this is late! Midterms took a pretty heavy toll on me. The schedule will resume to normal from now on, and a new part will be uploaded every Monday. Enjoy!

Part 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7


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