Super bummed to be missing out on the Avenger’s Midnight Premier, I mean, no joke…I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this movie to come out. Unfortunately I have to be up early in the morning to baby sit my cousin’s two little boys, and not only that, but my friend is scheduled to give birth to her twin boys tomorrow. Ugh, Avengers Y U pick the most inconvenient release date!


Oh well, maybe I’ll just pop in Captain America to pass the time…or just keep watching Wall-E.  Meh

Weigh In

Last Weigh In: 181 lbs

Today’s Weigh In: 180 lbs

So that’s one pound loss, it’s not much but hey a pound is a pound. Plus I like to think that with using weights I’m also gaining muscle. All in all I feel like I look a little slimmer than last month. And if I feel better about myself then there is no reason to feel disappointed, but I’ll keep on truckin and shed the pounds in due time. (= 3=)b

Alone for Easter

Hell I feel like such a whiner when I complain about how I was alone on easter…BUT I’m going to do it anyways. CAUSE I DON’T CAAAARE. Anywhozit, This is the first year I have ever been away from the family on a holiday. Easter may not really be a big religious deal at my house [thank god, no pun intended], however I am accustomed to a gathering of my crazy relatives that involved lots of ham sammiches. Not to mention easter has some interesting memories….in fact I turned 21 on Easter Sunday [yea, not kidding]. So anyways blah blah, poor me. I had to work, besides my mom is in Mexico with my little brother for spring break [something they would have never let me do when I was his age mind you], so yeah…just kinda spent it alone. Although my spirits were a little lifted, today I got a package from my mom that contained easter candy [fuck yeah], a giant penguin stuffed animal, a wind-up penguin toy [lol i dunno, it amuses me], and a few pairs of earrings. Oh, and she even signed my name on the card she sent with it on accident, hah, whoopsie.

-yay random post about nuthin!

Mondays should be illegal

I swear Monday’s are hands down the most difficult day for me to stick to my whole ‘get healthy’ plan. I have class after class from 9 am - 4 pm. And did I mention two of those classes are physics related? Someone seriously kill me slowly with a spoon. Anyways, trying to get up early, get ready, eat a healthy breakfast, manage to pack a lunch that can prevent me from starving throughout the day, and still make it to the bus stop at a reasonable time is no easy feat [ I partially blame the fact that i adore my sleep]. And to make matters worse I have to be work by 6 on Mondays, so but the time I get home there is pretty much no time to both work out AND make a suitable dinner. So today I cut out cardio and instead opted for 15 minutes of toning exercise’s and weights, figured it worked since I would still be on my feet for 5 hours at work.

Workout: 10 lunges / 10 dead lifts / 20 bicep curls / 10 push ups / 50 crunches

Breakfast 8am: 2 Hard boiled eggs topped with homemade salsa. [it saves me time to pre-boil about 6 eggs and store them, they are a good quick breakfast or on the go snack]

Brunch 11:30am: Chicken Salad Sandwich in a pita pocket w/side of red grapes

Lunch 2:00pm: ½ cup cilantro Cous Cous topped with spanish olives

Dinner 5:00: baked Pita pizza: ricotta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, feta, basil

I also took a ¼ cup of cous cous to work with me to try and detour me from getting hungry or snacking on the fries, cause lets face it…Arby’s fries are delicious. Since starting to work out I find myself actually more hungry then usual, guess I need more food to sustain my energy lol.

Open For Business

I’ve had this tumblr account long enough, yet have never actually set up my own blog. Lazy? Maybe, but that’s not the point. Anyways I suddenly feel the need to put myself out there and start doing some cataloging of my life to share with the world/blogosphere. Although before I go any further perhaps it would be best to actually introduce myself. I am known by many names, but Sarah seems to be the most popular considering it’s on my birth certificate, I know what your all thinking, I’m so witty it hurts doesn’t it?

[If you haven’t noticed yet I’m not really all that great at the whole, “entertaining” thing]

I’m 23, will be 24 in a few weeks, and I will also be graduating from college soon, which brings me to why I’m kinda making this blog. I’m about to become one of the masses, young mean and women fresh out of college and looking to find their niche in this crazy world of ours. So I figured that I could try and map out my triumphs and failures here, [and I suspect a lot of fuckery in the fail department considering how hard it is to find a job] Hopefully I will be able one of the ‘success’ stories I so often hear about, cause if not I will probably have to roll over and die…cause if I have to work at Arby’s for more than one more year someone is going to find my dead body in the cooler [no joke].

Although knowing me and my tendency to sit at my computer for an ungodly amount of time there are also going to be posts that don’t really pertain to anything. I’m a bit of an internet addict, I spend a lot of time on Gaiaonline, Skype, Netflix, Deviantart, and Youtube [I’m apart of the Bro army, and you’re awesome if you know what the hell I’m talking about]. So you’re all likely to hear a bunch of random shit from me, whether it’s about my day, or about some wicked looking high heels I saw. Either way, if anyone decides to follow me just know it is at your own risk. And don’t hate, because haters are just my motivators, and I’m motivated enough as it is thanks.

Lastly, this blog is kinda the kick off to my whole Reinvent myself thing. If your looking to just follow my whole getting healthy and being more active journal then check out my weight loss blog. It’s just kicking off now [since I’m suddenly in a blogtastic mood], so you pretty much get to travel the whole yellow brick road with me. I can feel your excitement from here.

-end transmission-