30 Day Fighting Game Challenge

2. Who is your favorite SNK character?

Man, this is really a hard one. SNK has at least five characters that i consider all time favorites, but i guess its a tie between Ryuji Yamazaki and Mai Shiranui (shermie and mudman were close, but can barely hold a light to those two in comparison)


I think Mai Shiranui was technically the first SNK character I ever used (in Capcom vs. SNK or in general for that matter) and was seen as the SNK equivalent of chun-li, so she was an easy choice tbh. Simple to use, basic ass design, same flappy skirt thing that Chun-Li had in the front. It was like I was at home. Little did my simple ass know, she was nothing like her at the time, but still had some basic commands that worked, a few moves that definitely need to come back, and story wise, she a basic bitch, but its cool cuz she down. 


He’s the choice i would choose as an adult. I havent had much experience using him outside of capcom vs snk, which holds close to his KOF appearances save for a few things.

His appeal was his two specials, which seemed to have stayed the same since he’s appeared. Plus his bleached top and obviously stolen from goenitz do gives me 90’s boygroup teas and i’m all for it, so…. also, don’t fuck with him because he’ll give you the business in front of the squad and you don’t need that so chill..

  • 百年早いんだよォ!
  • Koji Ishii
  • The King of Fighters '98

"Hyakunen Hayain Dayo!"
"You’re 100 years too early!"
- Ryuji Yamazaki, The King of Fighters 1998 (SNK)