I loved the old Ninja Gaiden games for the NES. As hard as they were, those games were still a lot of fun.

I remember when I played Ninja Gaiden II and got the clone ability for the first time, it was like the coolest thing ever.

Really hope one day they make an HD version of the original trilogy or at the very least the first one.

Ninja Gaiden series. Ninja Week


Did you know that Ninja Gaiden was the first 2D platformer to feature a cutscene?

Well it was like the castlevania series and even played much like megaman. Sporting projectiles and close ranged combat. Crazy no? The game is SUPER HARD as well. Boss are hard to call on their pattern and even takes more time to think as well. It was created by Hideo Yoshizawa followed up by Tomonobu Itagaki. Though Itagaki left the team and now its just with left with Team Ninja. Itagaki made his version into a more Hack and Slash genre and has a shit on of gore. 

Ya main characters are the staple Ryu Hyabusa appearing in all of his games. Ayane who serves as a supporting character and Kasumi who happens to stop by occasionally. Momji makes her debut in the series as well. Rachel being the the big axe lady who kicks a ton of dicks!


The game is unique with weapons and combat. Well in the modern series that is. Ranging from claws, scythe, chain and sickle, rockects, arrows, and twin swords. The game offers so much veriety in dispatching your foes. BOSS FIGHTS ARE FUCKING INSANE! Demons, humans, and dragons. What more do ye want? The game is solid at best and you learn even ninpo which are ninja magic that can help do crowd control as well. Many have compared it to devil may cry.



Ninja Gaiden is really a Modern Ninja story. It has some horror elements and it SORTA works with what its going for. If you like Devil May Cry then this is a must have to play. I enjoyed most of the story and even liked playing three despite its mix reception. Most people complained that Ryu barely has a personality but when they gave him on in the third game they complained. So its much more of a pick you battles situation cause I enjoyed. Gives depth to what creator tries to shine on and isn’t to afraid in trying to add some lores from greek mythology with Japanese culture. Ryu’s name is literally Dragon Falcon.


In its sequels and ports it tries to fix its earlier mistake or dumb it down a bit. The third game that was for both XBox 360 and PS3 cuts away from the dismemberment which was weird. They made Razors Edge which it included gore once again. All the games have followed well and try to improve from each other. They even implemented stealth which I wanted to see for a long time. Though it isn’t what expected and becomes a pain in the ass in later parts. 

The Question?

Is Ryu Hyabusa a ninja? Well if we speak mythology wise with his powers more or less so.  Its ok for modern society having a more of an action paced badass. Hell people really like to know more about ninjas and what they do because of Ryu. Though they might be a tad bit disappointed haha again gaming is culture. I don’t hate it and I love playing it.

If you like him a lot then play in other games he’s featured in like Dead or Alive and if you REALLY like Ryu then play Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z….. That I didn’t wanna play… There are reasons to that.

Well thats my input of what I like about the series. If you like to see more of my work then by all means follow me for more movie, game, anime, and trivia. 


Ninja Gaiden 3 (Consequence) TGS 2011 trailer