Oh, you know, just dicking around on gw2lfg while the game was down :) I didn’t cap every one of my posts, and I certainly didn’t get all the funny ones posted by others — this person got a lot more of the hilarity, so go check out their post too!

(Just in case anyone out there is thinking “hey now, sylvari are pansexual, they don’t ‘swing’ one way or the other”…yes, this is true, but the way I see it, Caithe is Faolainsexual. So there. :P)

It took me a whole day to write it, so I guess I’ll post it here xD;

My half of an art trade with Elleybug ….she asked for a Rytlogan fanfiction with angst and cheesyness xD; Rytlock and Logan are secret lovers and one of them dies, were my starting points and she drew this beautiful picture of Kas and Jory doing ‘the forehead thing’ in return ;u;

I haven’t written fanfiction since I was 12 (or any fiction at all, really), so it’s very cheesy and probably has a fair amount of grammatical mistakes in it. I’m not sure how well I kept them in character, especially Rytlock xD but hey, it was mostly written as a joke xD Maybe one day, I’ll be brave enough to try writing something serious for Kasjory ;u;

Length: 4,305 words

Ship: Rytlock Brimstone x Logan Thackary

Trigger Warnings: Main Character Death, Blood

Rating: T

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As everyone goes into phsycological rants about characters relationships I remain in the corner screaming for them to rub their penises together

aranzeb asked:

Rytlogan >;3

oh baby

  • Who cooks: Rytlock. Logan’s horrible at cooking and ends up ruining whatever food he tries to make aside from simple stuff, like salad.
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: Logan. He does the mindless tasks which are more routine than anything, though if Rytlock or someone else messes up something he just cleaned or fixed he’d get pissy and tell them to do it themselves.
  • How many children do they have: I’m not entirely sure they would ‘have’ kids since it’d conflict with their duties buuuuut, I can definitively see Logan having some paternal feels coming on later in their relationship and trying to talk Rytlock into it, even if they agree in the end it’d be better if they didn’t try to adopt from that one fortunate orphanage down in Divinity’s Reach that gets set on fire every other month.
  • Who’s more dominant: Rytlock. It’s in his nature to be the more dominate force in any dynamic, be it from being a charr or from being the runt of his fahrar and thus dominated by others for most of his childhood. Logan was annoyed by this at first but mainly because he was use to being the dominate one.
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Bickering like an old married couple over anything and everything under the sun. They do it to get on each other’s nerves and to see who can make the other snap first in a playful kind of way. Logan usually breaks first because Rytlock’ll make just the right comment to make him sputter and uncomfortable in public.
  • Their favorite place to be together: The Crow’s Nest tavern where they use to hang out when Destiny’s Edge was still together. It brings back old memories and is a nice median between where they live and work.
  • Any traditions: Whenever they meet up Logan’ll ask if Rytlock was going to give back his sword by any chance and Rytlock’ll snort and tell him to get his own. 
  • Their “song”: If I had to choose
  • What they do for each other on holidays: They don’t really have much time to celebrate holidays with dragons and their duties to their people but they at the very least write a letter saying happy whatever and maybe a crappy doodle from Logan if it’s around Seraph arts and crafts day |D
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: They went bowling *wink wink dungeon joke*
  • Where did they first meet: Well, to give the short version, they met on the battle field of ~*love*~
  • Any pets: Doubt it unless Garm counts.
  • What do they fight over: Just who they’re loyal to and Logan running away and whether or not it was worth it/the better choice.
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: I can see them taking a trip up to the Grove to visit Caithe and try to make things right with her.

Oops got carried away again