Meoto Iwa

Remember these? These rocks are based off the Wedded Rocks (meoto iwa) by a town near Ise City in Japan. They represent the union of Izanagi and Izanami, with the larger rock being the male and the smaller rock being female. 

Of course, the real-life meoto iwa are considerably smaller than those on Ryoshima Coast. The largest one is only around 9 meters high. The astonishing part is that the rope shimenawa tying them together weighs over a ton, and is replaced several times a year.

The shimenawa on Ryoshima Coast must weigh as much as a train. I wonder how it got there.


Ryoshima Coast (Okami + Okamiden) Guitar Cover (by jam2995)

Okami- Devot Beads

… those are devot beads, right?

Anyway one day Obliv wanted to draw a background. She sucked ass so she downloaded Photoshot trial and tada she magically drew a background with the great brushes provided. /sobsbeceauseIMSODONE/

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you what is quite possibly the most beautiful song in video game history.


Okami [Music] Soundtrack - Ryoshima Coast

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