Silmarillion / Ookami crossover: Sauron / Mairon as Ninetails.

On Ninetails:

“By the power of Yami, ruler of the Land of Darkness, I, Ninetails, have been made lord of Ryoshima Coast! “

“Yami is the absolute ruler of all evil beings. He is the ultimate symbol of darkness. And he is nothing like those false gods of your fairytales!”

"You did not have to come all this way for me to kill you. I would have found you and done so just the same.”

Done with pencil on Bristol Board. Partially inked as you can see - though the scanner wiped out a ton of detail in his tails. Each one has a ‘jem’ on the end bearing a word, ‘Horror, Evil, Spectre, Anger, Curse, Hatred, Death, Misfortune, Poison’ - from left to right. In the moon above of course is the image of Yami; the aforementioned Lord of Darkness.

(yes and random tobi pictograph on the yoroi because Tobi is awesome)

*he didn’t die, he just found a new boss…*

a midnight summers dip

:: Orca peeked his head through the surface of the waters off North Ryoshima Coast. It seemed so quiet this evening. The night was pretty as it always was, and normally, Orca would be home, slumbering, but he could not sleep this night. Instead, he had taken to watching the moon, when something on his familiar dock caught his attention. “…Miss Yumigami…?” He’d inquire as he propelled himself closer. “M’lady, what brings you here tonight, something troubling you ?”


Okay, playlist updated! Time to update this too! Current songs are as follows! Playlist is on auto play and random~.

Orca’s Theme - Okami Ost || Dragon Palace - Okami Ost || Ryoshima Plains - Okami Ost || Reset Ending Theme - Okami Ost || Cherry Blossom Shower - Okami Ost || Sakae In Action - Summer Wars Ost || The Summer Wars - Summer Wars Ost || Yonhon Ashi no Odori - Wolf Children Ost || Sora Tsutsumi - Wolf Children  Ost || Forever Apart - Entwined Ost || My Blood - Ellie Goulding || Lights - Ellie Goulding || Home - Ellie Goulding || Sea of Clouds - Entwined Ost || Transcendental Sunrise - Entwined Ost || 150 Million Miracles - Summer Wars Ost || Reset (Thank You) - Okami Ost || Water - Entwined Ost || The Road of Trials - Journey Ost || I Was Born for This - Journey Ost

       Strong paws carry the tiger forthright across the beaches of Ryoshima, kicking up dirt and sand in his full sprint. One would think the deity was in a  great hurry, but merely was out for a healthy run. Oh , how he loved to feel the wind brushing against his face as he went, swiftly leaped and bounding over obstacles in his path and with him he brought dark clouds in his wake behind him. High did the beast leap to the broken bridge to trot to the edge of the slab of earth and halt upon the stone of the whirlpool. He roared a might roar in unison with his waking thunder, lightning cracking and ripping through the dark sky. Heaven’s blessings then poured unto the thirsty earth and his work was done. Now all he would do is to perch there and bask in the passion, his heart the booming sky.


Pharaoh’s Last Dance - Vurez (OCRemix)

Not Without You - Kitcaliber (This Broken City)

Fantasy Meadows (Kirby’s Air Ride)

Standing There - FACT (Never Turn Out the Light, to Keep Myself)

Smash Bros Grand Medley - New Japan Philharonic Concert Orchestra (Smash Bros DX)


Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts)

West Mansion - Mayhem (Torpedo Torpedo)

Ryoshima Plains II (Okami)

NAMx - Renard (Trauma disc 1)

From Shadows - Jeff Williams (RWBY)

Temple Ship (Asura’s Wrath)


Melissa - Porno Graffitti (Full Metal Alchemist)

Beast of Blood - Malice Mizer 

Secret Project (.hack//SIGN)

Relief (Xenoxaga)

Cathexis - Tuberz McGee (Chiptunes = WIN)

Kuso Breaking no Breaking Lily - MAXIMUM THE HORMONE (Buiikikaesu!)

Short Change Hero - The Heavy (Borderlands 2)

Keys to the Ruin…for Pyramid Cave (Sonic Adventure 2)

Kick the Rock!..for Wild Canyon (Sonic Adventure 2)


The Final Battle (Asura & Yasha vs Vlitra) (Asura’s Wrath)

moonside meditaton - po! (Bound Together)

Higeki wa me futa wo oroshite yasashiki - DIR EN GREY (Withering to death)

Summers - The OneUps (Bound Together)

Watashi wa souzousuru (Majestic Prince)


The Real Folk Blues (Cowboy Bebop)


       The moon shone against the surface of  the sea- Ryoshima was a lovely place at night, particularly on the quiet sands of its famed beaches. It was on such a sandy isle that the wandering prophet spotted white that existed separate from the soft light of the moon. A maiden upon the shore, resting close to where the waves ever so slowly lapped at a dampened outcropping.

       Venturing closer, a familiarity drew him to approach in full. Twasn’t often women of albine hair and crimson markings dwelt amongst this plain. Casually he came from behind, a small cup of sake finding its resting point atop her head. “Good evening~” He chirped to make his presence known.

xiaculusx asked:

✯ Perfect day

          A perfect day for Amaterasu-Omikami would be a peaceful stroll through Shinshu Fields or Ryoshima Coast on a warm and sunny day. There would be no Ninetails, no Blight, no demon scrolls, and no Sunken Ship to take away the view of the beautiful coastline. At the end of the day, she would then conclude her perfect day with an adrenaline-filled race against the mailman in the hopes of beating him and maintaining her title as Full-Throttle Ammy for another day.

doggy paddle

:: It was her again! Mother Amaterasu, origin of good and mother of all the gods. The savior of the North Ryoshima Coast and…the slow swimmer! Grinning at the sight of the familiar acquaintance, the sea creature slowly but surely kept to the cover of the ocean blue. Ducking under whenever he so much as thought she’s turn to see him. Careful…careful - and once he was close of enough… - He launched himself skyward with a mouthful of water and aimed to spray her in greeting!