Need to make some cash because I’m broke. Even though I have a job about most of my money goes to bills and my savings account (which I cant touch).

So I will be selling art and possibly take perler bead commissions and possibly caricatures commissions.

Perler Beads: I make pokemon/video game sprite bead stuff :)

Caricatures: I can draw you in any cartoon or anime/manga style! Sketch only. No color.

Please PLEASE spread this. I’m a starving artist that needs to get her motivation back and to make some cash on the side :( I’ve been wearing my Ryolite bead bracelet to help my motivation and it has been working! I really need the money so please help!

If you want to commission me for a Pokemon (can be either GB (menu only) or Soul Silver sprites (overworld sprites) or game sprite (NES/SNES sprites only) write in my Ask box!

If you want to commission me for a caricature (if you don’t want me to draw you, you can ask me to draw any character from any cartoon or anime/manga series) send me a pic of you and tell me what cartoon series or anime/manga series style you would like me to draw you in! Just submit to my ask box or message me!


NEW ARRIVAL! New Stones Batch 2: Tourmaline, Peridot Quartz, Ryolite, High Quality Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite and Blue Ocean Stone.
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