An unedited sneak peek from our BRUCE HEART THE LABEL lookbook for our first item of the basics collection.

Our Oversized Boy Toy Tee comes in black, leopard and floral. The most comfortable fabric and highest quality manufacturing right here in Downtown LA. The new website goes live this Friday and you can purchase from our online store! Shipping worldwide :)

We’ll be donating a portion of sales to various animal welfare organizations and a year after purchasing our items we’ll endeavor to buy them back and give them to the less fortunate in our community.

Huge thanks the YRU for the fancy shoes we used in this shoot! http://y-r-u.com/

Photo by Rony Alwin of Rony’s Photobooth http://ronysphotobooth.com/


Rylee & Elle


Make-Up Tutorial! 

Here is our first make-up tutorial for you all. This is just a basic explanation of how Elle applies her foundation base and fills in her eyebrows. 

Sorry it’s not heaps fancy like other tutorials but you’ll get the whole idea and hopefully it helps!

Rylee & Elle xo


We’ve decided to come back to TUMBLR and post regularly on fashion, food, beauty and more. We love promoting a cruelty free lifestyle and found it was helping a lot of people before we closed this site down. If we can help just one person make a conscious decision to help animals (whether you eat meat or not) then HELL YES we will. 

Come back daily for new updates, food/shopping recommendations, reviews and styled fashion posts.

We love you!

Rylee & Elle xo

(Photo by Pierre Toussaint)

On our last trip to LA together we shot in the new Enter Shikari music video for their ‘Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here’ track. It’s from their latest album ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’ and was done by the incredibly talented Raul Gonzo.

We got to see them live the night before at The Roxy and they were amazing as usual.

It was a fun day and everyone on set was rad to hangout with especially the ES dudes…cutest British boys ever.

You can watch the video on the post below :)

Rylee & Elle xo

My favourite foundation at the moment…

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF15

I bought this last year and wasn’t happy because I felt the coverage wasn’t enough. Now I’m more into the natural look rather than caking my foundation on with MAC Studio Fix or Pro Longwear. I mean I do love the MAC but I can’t use it in the day anymore…it’s just too heavy for the weather here in LA. 

So this stuff is light and best of all oil free so it’s perfect for oily and normal/combination skin. I have an oily t-zone during the summer so it’s ideal for me to use an oil free foundation. It has a soft-matte finish and my Napoleon Camera Finish Powder (in G4) goes perfect on top.

I use it in the shade ‘Natural 4’. It costs $46.00 from Sephora here in the US and $75.00 in Australia.

Bobbi Brown don’t test on animals.

Elle xo

Create your own at DOOMIES!

So we recently discovered that you can create ANY kind of combination from the menu at Doomie’s Home Cookin.

We’ve always wanted to try a vegan grilled cheese sandwich and the BBQ pulled pork seemed intriguing so we made this combo. The BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese sammie. It was delicious! So good with hot sauce added. We’re not sure what they use for the ‘meat’ but it’s so damn good and no animals harmed!

Rylee & Elle xo


Okay so you’ve all probably been watching us on Instagram talking about new exciting things for Bruce Heart but in sneaky little details. This is an update on what we’re actually doing!

Bruce Heart is no longer the marketing initiative we first established it as and we’re no longer promoting other brands via our social media platforms. We’ve always intended for us to have our own brand and now that we’re in the sample production stages we can announce that we’re relaunching as our own label!

BRUCE HEART is a compassionate fashion label. We’ll be releasing a collection of staple wardrobe items over the next few months with our first item and brand new website launching 1st April 2014!

We’ve always wanted to bring a cruelty free, stylish and affordable fashion alternative to you all. The 6 items that we’ve designed are the ones in your wardrobe that you wear ALL THE TIME and pair with your statement pieces or denim. It’s your basic staple wardrobe items that everyone needs to have…just wait until you see the prints! It’s all made here in Downtown LA so the quality is of a high standard and there’s no risk of supporting any suspect establishments overseas.

We’ll also have a selection of vintage t-shirts and band shirts too. We’ll be altering some of them into muscle tee’s for you and adding them to the online store as we source them.

We just want to thank you all for your loving support and patience. We’re so excited to be together here in Los Angeles working on our dream and saving as many animals as we can along the way.

Rylee & Elle xo


We are unbelievably excited to be the main sponsor for the Beagle Freedom Project’s BEAGLEMANIA event.

It’s an evening to benefit the Beagle Freedom Project, a mission to save animals from laboratory research. 

You can come and celebrate their successes and help them achieve new ones! Just like their newly introduced California Beagle Freedom Bill, which mandate the release of dogs and cats in testing.

Held at a gorgeous estate in Malibu it’s going to be a wonderful night of beautiful fusion gourmet food, hosted bar, silent auction, entertainment and BEAGLES! Buy tickets and contribute your compassion here.

We look forward to seeing you there :)

Rylee & Elle xo