The X Factor Tour Trends

The x factor live tour kicked of last night in Manchester with 7 of the last remaining acts including winner James Arthur, runner up Jahmene Douglas and boy band Union J.

Ella Henderson stood tall and confident in her clashing metallic pieces, her top being softly embellished on the sleeve with gold detail and sequins while her skirt was printed and statement bringing it all together with a chunky black belt. She represented her age group being a stylish role model, on trend and raring to go!

Jahmene Douglas and Rylan Clarke both wore simular black blazer jackets however printed and worn in their own ways - Rylan being clean cut with a chunky black studded belt and with textured shoulder detailing. Jahmene however smartly pulled of his fastened blazer with metallic prints and a dotted tie.

The well deserved winner James Arthur rocked it in his rolled up denim shirt pulling of the casual but individual style as he did throughout the competition. His tattoo art highlighted the bird detailing on the top of his shirt along with his loose collar and wispy hair.

Tbh I haven’t posted about this gorgeous guy in a while, but as its 2 years today since I saw him live on The X Factor 2013 Tour, I thought it was about time. It’s Rylan! Recently Rylan’s changed his management so he’s now gonna try and post more on Instagram and he’s gotta new YouTube channel! (The link to his 1st new video’s below) he’s probs gonna be doing weekly vlogging but it’ll deffo be good to see more of Ry-Ry (especially on YouTube, there’s deffo a place missing without him) hopefully he’ll also be doing Q&A’s, challenges, collabs etc. and maybe become the next Zoella!…but as a guy 😳🙈😂 can’t wait to see more of Rylan and meet him again (and hopefully his fiancé Dan too) becoming a siren will always be 1 of my best decisions of my life http://youtu.be/cq5vTAfskiQ