We have This Good Robot, Hello Jupiter and Lawn Chair Bombers playing. There’s a bunch of sneak preview videos up on the tumblr along with an 8tracks.

The theme is TACO BAR. Well, we’re having FREE TACOS and trippy light shows… This Monday, 8 o'clock @ The UCafe– FREE live music, all ages, open to the public too so if people want to bring friends from like Suffolk Community they can.

We don’t condome it, but you’re allowed to come fucked up.
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This is my bbz from across the pond, Fantasy Rainbow! He’ll be making his first appearance in America for all of you on February 13th! 

Check out his music! Most of It’s FREE, and who doesn’t love free music?


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- Nicholas


What do you guys think about this band coming to RYFC this fall? 

It would be a party right?!

Larry And His Flask//Call It What You WIll


THIS is what you’re missing. Join the movement. #RYF





Here’s a sweet taste of next Monday’s show–

Last week Lawn Chair Bombers’ very own Mike Kix Thompson performed the band’s self-entitled song acoustically over at WUSB! The band is currently working on recording their first EP, titled “Late Nights and Zebra Stripes” which will be out as soon as they finish putting it together. They call their sound “suburban reggae” and it’s certainly fantastic music to dance to!

Kix and the full band will be playing the next RYFC, next Monday the 26th @ 8pm in the UCafe, don’t miss out :)

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Hey Everyone,

In keeping with the times in our rapidly changing digital age, we have finally decided to make a RYFC page and phase out the group. As the start of the 2011-2012 academic year looms closer, we truly hope to take RYF to new heights this year and strengthen and unite the developing music community on campus.

When I started this program with my fellow students almost 4 years ago, we had one goal: to create a show we would want to both play as an artist and attend as a student. Remember, RYFC really was a shock to the system. A system of ice cream socials and carnivals and trips to six flags. So to keep with the original mission of our movement and keep our events fresh and exciting, the new generation of students needs to get involved and make their voices heard - let their personalities shape the community we have created, be the new faces of RockYoFace!

RYFC is an event by students/music lovers for students/music lovers and we want as many people to be involved as possible. We want to connect with you and know what you have to say. If you want to cover the Cafe in plastic wrap and proceed to cover each other in neon paint we want to know, if you want a god awful band to play because you are certain everyone will have a blast we want to know, if you want to be a part of the team that makes these shows happen we definitely want to know! and if you just believe in what we’re doing here, even if you don’t go to SBU or might not be in one of the awesome bands that have graced our stage, please let us know you ‘like’ it because I love it and I hope you’ll join us and feel the same…thanks so much :)

- P

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