We have This Good Robot, Hello Jupiter and Lawn Chair Bombers playing. There’s a bunch of sneak preview videos up on the tumblr along with an 8tracks.

The theme is TACO BAR. Well, we’re having FREE TACOS and trippy light shows… This Monday, 8 o’clock @ The UCafe— FREE live music, all ages, open to the public too so if people want to bring friends from like Suffolk Community they can.

We don’t condome it, but you’re allowed to come fucked up.
Submission from http://rockyoface.tumblr.com/ 

Great article on how Rwanda is addressing the issue of AIDS.

"In Rwanda, success is achieved when people living with HIV can earn a living, support their family, raise their children, and care for their community no differently than their peers."

We completely agree, this is why we prioritize training women who are HIV/AIDS affected with skills to run their own business and provide for their families.

Check it out and support our programs here!



This is my bbz from across the pond, Fantasy Rainbow! He’ll be making his first appearance in America for all of you on February 13th! 

Check out his music! Most of It’s FREE, and who doesn’t love free music?


and like his FB page:


- Nicholas


What do you guys think about this band coming to RYFC this fall? 

It would be a party right?!

Larry And His Flask//Call It What You WIll


THIS is what you’re missing. Join the movement. #RYF





Here’s a sweet taste of next Monday’s show—

Last week Lawn Chair Bombers' very own Mike Kix Thompson performed the band's self-entitled song acoustically over at WUSB! The band is currently working on recording their first EP, titled “Late Nights and Zebra Stripes” which will be out as soon as they finish putting it together. They call their sound “suburban reggae” and it’s certainly fantastic music to dance to!

Kix and the full band will be playing the next RYFC, next Monday the 26th @ 8pm in the UCafe, don’t miss out :)