Super Junior: When his girlfriend challenges him to a who can eat the most battle.

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Leeteuk: *Fakes a phone-call* Looks like SuJu’s going be endorsing a fitness…thing. Sorry, looks like I can’t take you up on that challenge for now. That was believable enough…wasn’t it?

Heechul: I’m trying so hard to look good by keeping my health up and here you come along making that hard for me… You’re too cruel.

Yesung: Yeah sure sounds fun–wait what did you just say??? She’s not serious is she?!

Kangin: No lie, this is the first time a girl has ever asked me to do something like this…And I never thought I would be asked to either.

Shindong: But you know I’m on a diet right now!–No, I won’t break it, no matter how much you try to tempt me.

Eunhyuk: If I dance for 72 hours nonstop it might be possible to burn off all the calories….but should I risk it?

Donghae: *Looks at array of food* I thought she was just kidding around…is it too late for me to withdraw?

Siwon: I want to go through with it and yet I know I shouldn’t. Should I just take a few bites and let her win?–But what if she realizes I let her win?!

Ryeowook: Aw, I would love to but I’m already full.–From what you ask? My love for you of course!~♥

Kibum: ….Okay, let’s do it. How does she make it so hard to say no to her?!– Better question, how am I going to burn all this off before my next filming?!

Kyuhyun: How about I feed you all you want instead?

Zhoumi: So this was what you meant by dinner date? Heheh–Why am I not surprised?

Henry: *Stuffs face* BRING IT ON!!!

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Super Junior: When you’re a thief and you steal the crown from the Mamacita set as they’re filming.

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Leeteuk: *Takes charge* Everyone spread out and cover all possible exits, s/he has to be in here somewhere and I won’t let anyone rest until s/he is found!

Heechul: *Scans the area* Tricks on them, that crown is just a phony replica, the real crown is with the director. 

Yesung: Wasn’t someone taking the crown to get it reshined?–What do you mean that’s not even a job? Can’t only people who work here get inside?

Kangin: I knew there was something off about that person, I shouldn’t have trusted her/him so easily with the crown like I did, this is all my fault. 

Shindong: This looks like a job for *Dramatically removes glasses*–Detective Shin Donghee. 

Eunhyuk: *Thinks your apart of staff* Here, take a picture with me, I want to be seen with the crown so I can get the fans hyped for our comeback!

Donghae: *Points at you* Hey you there!–Be careful with that okay? It’s more fragile then it looks. *Suspects nothing*

Siwon: I think saw the person who last had it…But what if this is like a drama where I’m the only witness and the thief is meant to be my love interest?! 

Ryeowook: I have an idea where it could be but I don’t think you’re going to like it… Eheh.

Kibum: *Watches the behind the scenes* Did they seriously let someone steal the crown just like that?–Even though I wasn’t there I’m still feeling second-hand embarrassment from this!

Kyuhyun: *Hunts you down* Look, we’ve been filming for 18 hours without stopping now. I’m tired, hungry, and really want to go home. But that can’t happen without this crown, so just give it back and I won’t report you to the police. Deal?

Zhoumi: *Finds you* I realize you might think stealing is the only way for you to get by, but if that’s the case then how about I support you until you find a real job instead?–Just promise me you’ll change your ways for the better!

Henry: *Whens he’s asked about it* I know nothing–I swear I didn’t show that person where the crown was.–What do you mean ‘what person’?!–I don’t know who you’re talking about! 


Super Junior during Frozen, with Elsa’s Cosplays, Anna’s Cosplay (Heechul) and Olaf’s Cosplay (Henry) during the Super Show 6 in Singapore on the 1st May 2015.

Super Junior pendant La Reine des Neiges, avec des Cosplay d’Elsa, un Cosplay de Anna (Heechul) et un Cosplay d’Olaf (Henry) pendant le Super Show 6 à Singpore le 1er Mai 2015.