So the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw these teasers is anime/mange. I don’t know why but I really felt like these pictures could make good covers for mangas. I imagined it would be a story with them being a group of fighters or a gang of heroes. They have super powers of course. Enjoy.

Can’t wait for this comeback!

140822 Sukira - Ryeowook has listened to the complete 7jib album!
  • RW:It was early this morning. I was holding mastering-finished Super Junior 7jib CD! I listened to it first, out of our members, and wa~ the feeling was really new, and I thought "This is legendary!" "This is really good!" "I really hope everyone loves this album~".
  • The 10 songs were really full(good), and members and those who helped us worked really hard on it. I said "You worked hard.
  • I think we have made a great new album thanks to you, noona" to A&R noona, and she was touched, and cried.. She said it was really hard. Those who took care (of the production) also (said that).
  • Anyways, please anticipate a lot for our Super Junior 7jib
  • kor script:jwon0508
  • trans:nksubs

“When we went to China last time, fans would be holding a big banner with Super Junior in it. When I saw it, I would start counting from 1 to 13. When I reached the 13th member, it felt like all the members were gathering together again! I always believe, separation is just time problem. We definitely will be 13 together again!” — Kim Ryeowook