Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio with Kyu DJ:

*Kyuhyun said he filmed radio star before this, and that those watching bora can see a pretty Kyuhyun today

*Listener: Does Kyuhyun oppa not intend to be the 12-2am midnight DJ? Your voice is so attractive.

Kyuhyun: I’m embarrassed

*Listener said she entered the wrong room in noraebang, so embarrassing

KH: I have gone into wrong rooms before at Karaoke, and.. some rooms sang badly.. and I wanted to sing(in that room), but I didn’t because I was afraid they’d hit me

*Listener said she got injured and is worried about leaving a scar, asked Kyu to console her

KH said he received light contusions on his hand & elbow from the small car accident, and that it’s been ~10 days but it hasn’t healed well.

He said listener is younger than him right so she will probably heal faster than him.

*KH:i also was on a diet recently, and I discovered detox juice.. and I would drink them in morning, and in between, and it’s really nice.It makes your intestines work more, so I think it was nice. Of course, I don’t do things like (pooping). I’m a clean person.

*Kh:when I earned money for the first time, I think I gave it all to my parents. I’m still giving it all to my parents. *Kyuhyun asked if guests knew he was coming, they said yes they got the notice. Then Kyu said oh well it’s not like you can choose not to come anyway. And since now I can’t leave so you have to make do with it. ㅋㅋ

*Kyuhyun said he was at a restaurant and his food came but he was still using his phone, and the grandma there said “what are you doing not eating!” so he looked up at her, and she said “I’m just telling you to eat it deliciously” ㅋㅋ

*There was something about Rome (or was it Venice?) Kyuhyun said he went together with Leeteuk Ryeowook Eunhyuk Donghae before. Guest asked wouldn’t there be conflict if so many people go together? So he said they just fight about who pays for food ㅋㅋㅋ and that there isn’t even enough time to sightsee, much less fight..

*The guest just called Ryeowook with ‘hyung’ (*he doesnt look young tbh)

KH: RW is (your) hyung?

Guest: yes.

KH: once again im surprised


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Ryeowook talking about his mamacita adlib. Hey listen now becomes How is Now? kkkkkk And Sungjong who hears it as  Hot is Love? lool


@ryeong9: 次の公演も頑張ろう!저녁공연도 화이팅 고마워요 힘내서 잘할게요 ~~♡

@ryeong9: Working hard for the next performance! Fighting for the evening show too, thank you, I will gain strength and do well ~~♡ (cr)