These are the proper trans to the conversation in which BABYz are accusing Shindong of calling Jongup ugly and telling Yongguk to get plastic surgery and as you can see his comments were wildly exaggerated and taken completely out of context.

Yes, Shindong has said some inappropriate things in the past, but even taking that into consideration I can’t take seriously anyone that starts criticising Shindong with words like ‘fat’, ‘pig’, telling to him to die, kill himself etc.

It’s pretty obvious that most of you are just looking for a reason to hate on him as it was already shown that the comments that got your knickers in a twists weren’t right and were taken badly out of context MONTHS AGO.

Honestly speaking Shindong pokes fun at himself as much as he does other idols. Apart from the whole ‘fat girls’ comments he made Y E A R S ago, his actually mostly inoffensive and 90% of his gags take the piss out of no one but HIM. He doesn’t dish out anything that he couldn’t face himself and mostly stops before taking things too far.

I’m super angry that non-E.L.F started to bash him because of THEIR LACK OF READING COMPREHENSION and their LAZINESS and INABILITY TO CHECK THEIR FUCKING SOURCES before going on a bashing spree.

It boils my blood to see supposed ~fans~ also bashing him and calling him useless, when as fans they should know how kind he is and how much he contributes to Super Junior.

Funniest of all, I saw other k-pop fans trying to say that E.L.Fs are always defending him and that he always get away with things. Pssht if anything because of his appearance he gets away with LESS crap than most idols who have done more offensive things. Fans in general are more likely to forgive or turn a blind eye to good looking/ popular idols than they are the less popular/ attractive ones.

And maybe, just, maybe real E.L.Fs protect him because WE actually bother to look into the situation and like with this incident and many other SuJu related scandals like with Heechul’s on War of Words THINGS ARE BLOWN WAY OUT OF PROPORTION AND MISTRANSLATED.

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I’m not sure whether I’m right or not….but I thought sungmin’s voice is more apparent in the mamacita chorus in the mv (his voice has a unique nasal sound…you can hear it at ‘naega’)

and in this mr removed version his voice is really stands out in the chorus!!!!! guess he was the one leading the chorus :D (I’m this happy coz he only had two solo lines)

kyuminwook voices are amazing…kyuwook high notes are so awesome…actually everyone did a good job live singing!!!

now haters can go ‘shut their tongues’….SJ rules!!!!