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Colours: Me

Finally finished the colouring on this one after so long damn, started on this like what January 9th 2010 and I finally thought of finishing it now July 27th 2011, wow that is a long time and no I didnt spend that long on it I just forgot about it 

and also I went back to it because I hadnt done anything to do with Digital art for a while so I thought Il finish this one off and now I can get back to my Batman Arkham City piece that Im working on

And man does his linework make it easier to colour hair as you can see and also like in the Creeper one aswell[link]
And yes I am still being inspired by =martegodpopo and *sinccolor colouring styles

And yes I have no clue what Category I should put it under

Actually I found the category

Watch on

My first Digital Inking video, hey I was bored and I thought I’d give it a shot:D

So what did you guys think, any tips to improve myself is welcome as well