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i know youre not an advice blog but im really struggling w/ my sexuality and idk if i like dudes

the way I see it. Love who you love, don’t stress it. Honestly, your sexuality isn’t a rush. Take your time and you’ll figure it out. 

I classify myself as “rolling around on the floor making dying whale noises” so…

My brother has to read The Catcher in the Rye for school. I’ve read all of the other classics they normally do for grade 11 and 12 (now would be a great time for George Orwell) but I’ll probably use it as an excuse to read it. It’s one I’ve been putting off because it seems like people love it or hate it and I think I’ll fall into the latter category. I’m going to insist that he tries it first but I’ll probably read it so I can help him.

[Fan account] 140831 UKISS Japan Live Tour Okinawa noon session

The last day of Japan tour 2014. I’m finally seeing them again after one and a half month, and I’m really happy and grateful that I could live this splendid day with UKISS and KISSmes. More tears than the first concerts, but there were more smiles and joys as well. Being in front rows was totally an incredible experience. 

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