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"The Adventures of XRay and Vav would be published in comic book stores all over the country, and there was even talk about making a movie deal. Naturally, she was" uh i think you may have forgotten the rest of that sentence.

Thanks, I fixed that.  :)

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i recommend michael’s four hour long banjo full play, super fight, the newly wed game and if you like the grumps RTX CAH (and obviously quick draw & game night. the last of us one was good and so was the one with geoff [its linked somewhere in mygifs

thanks man yeah i’m def gonna watch the quick draws and CAH anD I FORGOT ABOUT THE NEWLY WED GAME 

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as i shoot you “tuCKER WILL NEVER SEE JUNIOR AGAIN” as i stab you “REMEMBER WHEN CABOOSE ALMOST GOT STABBED” as i go in for the finisher “CHEX”

as you walk away i whisper into the wind “grimmons isnt canon” before i take my last breath

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i feel you my con is in 9 days and i still need to make ruby’s boots and im slightly panicking

yeah cUZ LIKE a big thing w/ madoka and the last episodes is her red hair bOWS I’M SO D U MB (but with rwby’s boots you could go to like forever 21 or h&m and buy combat boots and change out the shoe strings for red and get elastic fabric or reuffled regular fabric and tape it to the inside of the top of the shoe to make the ruffle look!!!)