I’ve always wanted to clearly describe in words the thoughts in my head and first step to that is writing more. So I’m making this blog an online journal if it’s hasn’t been thought of that already.

First post - biked my butt off trying to remember where this late night burger and dog stand is only to get the shittiest experience. I order a burger.fry. and drink.no condiments. But get a burger with ONLY ketchup/mustard. And no drink. um miss sorry to complain but can I get a burger with everything but the things you gave me and can I have a lemon aid please? She rolls her eyes and tosses the gross thing. Makes the new one. She leaves while it’s grilling, another customer walks around the counter to grab their own things. She comes back Gives me the food. Sits down at the other end diner esk long table and picks at her own fries. Then continues to sneeze and cough a few times over and sniffles and continues to eat.

What did I just consume?