phantomchill asked:

The young purple man walked down the street to where Kingsmen Mechanics stood, He was given a case by one of the townsfolk and had to gather the gang around, So the first one to tell about it was that yellow-haired mechanic, He walked up to the entrance of the place, and knocked on the door [alrightcauseimwithfriends]

“Come in!” said mechanic called, bent over an engine that he was working on. He glanced up when he saw Lewis, raising an eyebrow. “What’s up? New case, I’m guessing?”


Real, scumbag, piece of shit human being.  Allegedly.


Lives, Lived, Will Live.
Dies, Died, Will Die.  

Thank you to everyone who came out to this week’s Saturday Stream Request Roulette! :D 
The prompt was Bioshock Infinite AU, so I had to incorporate pilot Ryan somehow. :P Also, tried a much different style of painting this time, and I love the way it turned out! :D


for the theme of journal entries this week, i wasn’t too keen on releasing the pages of my journals, so i thought maybe i’d share some of my favorite links on art journaling and journaling in general!



what to fill journals with

what to fill art journals/sketchbooks with

great prompts for just about anyhting

this is a collaboration from masterposts/journaling blogs/tips from my friends!! if you have any other tips or links feel free to add them on! (huge credit to artpricot)