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Yesh, I am posting a girlfriend appreciation post. 

For those of you who weren’t informed, I’m currently serving in the US Navy and I’m traveling to Yokosuka, Japan tomorrow for 3 years. This wonderful girl right here made my time at home so perfect that if I posted our story on tumblr Disney would throw money at us and beg for the rights to turn it into a movie. 

you are now allowed to puke. kthxbai <3


This little boy is so amazing and adorable. Just like my girlfriend. She is the best thing in the world and I luuuuuuhve her and I luhhhhhhhve him!! The most cutest people in the world right here. Love love love them forever and ever and ever and ever till the end of space/time.

What’s better than striking gold? Like whats 100x more rare than that? Like what if it was like a meteor fell and fused to a fully preserved velociraptor fossil that was encased in amber…like the kind of priceless thing that cannot really exist, but it just very might? The one in a lifetime find…whatever it is, that’s what I’ve got. rxybyprxy is the best kind of girl I could have ever stumbled upon. My love for you is like a space raptor. I don’t know how else to describe this rather than a very oddly written “what if” that is this post. Sorry for not being that suave.

…sorry I’m not sorry though

for all (2) of you who actually visit my page rather than just my feed:
my music player has been updated. all songs work, and there are new ones added

if you like indie, electro swing, dubstep, or just want something new (trust me, i pride myself in finding good music from unknown artists (SOOOOO NOT A HIPSTER THOUGH!!!) check it out!