This third pamphlet in a series of Marxist-Leninist debate publications by the League of Revolutionary Struggle (M-L) features an essay by Amiri Baraka, “The RWH on the BLM: Wrong Again.” Comrade Baraka’s essay was written in rebuttal to the position published by the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters on the Afro-American national question, Build the Black Liberation Movement (Pole Publications, 1981, Box 5597, Chicago, IL 60680). It presents the League’s analysis of the deep chauvinism pervading in the RWH ‘s line on the Afro-American national question. …

What concrete stand communists will take on the national question lies at the heart of the struggle for Marxist-Leninist unity. It is one of the most pressing and central questions of the revolutionary struggle in the United States. We hope these articles in laying out the League’s critique of the RWH’s chauvinism will help to bring about a greater understanding of the RWH and of the communist movement of the national question. By bringing into sharper focus the outstanding political issues and our own views, we hope they will help open a clearer and wider path to unity.

- League of Revolutionary Struggle (M-L)

I’d like to put this over the front door of my one-day home.

A reminder to my children that whatever choices they make out in the real world, they need to strive to be able to come home each day or night honorably. An extra reminder to my sons about being honorable missionaries and serving full time missions righteously. 


Okay this is my head cannon for what type of people the characters from hetalia like
  • Germany:a brunet, with at least some brains
  • Italy:some one sweet and not scary, who makes good food,
  • Japan:A sweet respectable quite person
  • England:some one who likes my cooking -.-'
  • Canada:<small>a, uh, nice person... I guess</small>
  • Russia:yes
  • China:Some one smart
  • America:a heroic, blond, with a kick butt face
  • France:a gorgeous, brunet, with flowing hair, and beautiful ocean like eyes
  • --------
  • Yeah that's all I decided on, so yeah
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Waiting on Sister Iketau. 😁 #RWH #LDSmission #ATLgeorgiaMission