JB: Why were Mike Dece and Ruben kicked out of Raider Klan and what happened to cause that rift?


First of all, Mike is like fucking fifteen or sixteen, I think he’s fifteen.  I like Mike and them, and I liked Mike and Ruben’s music before I was even in Raider Klan.  I still fuck with Metro Zu, and Lofty.  Lofty’s my guy I’ve got a song with Lofty.  So like I fuck with Metro Zu, and I fucked with Mike Dece and Ruben back when they were in the Klan.  What happened was, those niggas be doing fucking cocaine and shit.  Long story short, Purrp was just like I can’t have a fifteen year old kid in the Raider Klan on twitter talking about doing cocaine and shit, because that’s kind of like a bad look for us.  He didn’t want niggas thinking Raider Klan niggas are doing cocaine and crack and shit, because I don’t do that shit.  All of us just smoke weed.  Him and Ruben the only niggas doing coke and shit, all that crazy shit.  And Mike, he’s fifteen, he’s a kid, so he doesn’t give a fuck.  He ain’t mature enough to see that shit from a grown person’s point of view and shit.  So like he took it however he took it.  But you know, you can’t be in the Klan doing that shit.  Ruben just left the klan, he just stopped fuckin’ with the Klan.  And they teamed up and became the Propr Boyz and now they’re in Brazil somewhere.

JB: Yeah, how did they end up in Brazil?


Mike Dece’s parents live in Brazil, that’s where he’s from.  His parents are like rich, well, they got money.  So like, he just went back to Brazil, that’s where he’s from, so he basically just went back home.  He got in the plane, because I remember they were putting the pictures on instragram and shit, like he was in the airport instagraming on his way to Brazil.  Because I was wondering the same thing.  I talked to one of my other Raider Klan brothers and he gave me the scoop on it, that’s how I found out.  That’s how I found out all that shit, because I was like “how the hell did they get to Brazil?” too. We just let them do what they do.  We don’t really say shit man.  I wasn’t even upset they left the Klan and I was still fuckin’ with them, but them fools just started talking down on the Klan on twitter and shit.  They just started saying reckless shit, and the first night I just let that shit slide.  Like Mike Dece was saying dumb shit and I just let that shit slide.  But then the next day he just kept going with the shit, so then eventually I was just like “Bruh, shut the fuck up.”  Because I like their music, you know I fuck with their music, but then they fucking went AWOL and shit.