iamilex hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “15. How do you feel about the death of Alpha + Alpha in general”

Alpha dying was the first time RvB ever made me genuinely sad. It was sort of a gut punch moment, especially bc Church was my favorite during the BGC. I’m occasionally bothered when the narrative or fans forget that Epsilon isn’t Church.

Yeah, it was a pretty harsh moment, like, he’s permanently dead there is no coming back the alpha is deaaadd.  That’s sad though, if you think all the way baack across to BGC, like, everybody lived except for Tex and Church. ):

it’s definitely a sobering thought to remember that Epsilon isn’t Church, like, Epsilon is not Church at all. I feel like that’s glossed over a lot bc hey look Epsilon does everything like Church used to and it’s a little too easy to substitute them but, like, something is fundamentally different between the two, not to mention the ramifications for the rest of blue team and that’s not really touched on enough i think.