ok so i went to ridley market in dalston on saturday AND GOT ALL OF THIS FOR £6!!!

4 MANGOS FOR A POUND, 7 NECTARINES FOR A POUND, 6 AVOCADOS FOR A POUND at one point i even saw a bunch of like 12 bananas for 50p

when you compare in comparison to say sainsbury’s, about 7 mangoes is £4.50 at the moment, 4 nectarines is £1.50, avocados there are about a pound each…

soo good im actually super happy and relieved because this means i can literally eat as much of my favourite fruits as i want, and general in more of an abundance than just ‘oh i can only afford to eat 4 nectarines for lunch’ kind of thing. and it means i’ll be giving less money to big corporations so hooray im literally going there with a suitcase next time.

and on tuesday i go to france so i have loads to eat in the next 24 hours or so, which is going to be a good challenge for me because i dont normally eat over 2000 calories when im totally raw etc