They're Back! RuView – S7E01 "Born Naked"

The night finally came. The wait is finally over. RuPaul’s Drag Race is back on our television screens, laptops, iPhones and tablets… oh, you get the gist! Season 7 is here! 14 queens enter, and only 1 will win. I previously posted a pre-RuView late last week giving you first impressions on all the queens from the sneak peek. Today, I’m just going to get right down to it! (And just remember, these opinions are based solely on how they come across onscreen)

Ginger Minj – As far as big queens go, I think she’s kinda great. I’ll be watching her performance closely.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce – Her mug is beat. But her looks aren’t all that great. However, being from Tennessee gives me a soft spot for her. I want to see her succeed just because she’s from my state. 

Jasmine Masters – I am really not feeling her. Her personality grates on me. Her little catchphrases bother me. Her runway looks were awful. She should’ve been the first to sashay…

Kandy Ho’ – Did somebody order bearded lady? First rule of drag: at least know how to cover your damn face. The lip-sync, though, that was pretty awesome. She moves really well.

Katya – Campy and fun. She’s very loud in her confessionals. I like her as of now.

Kennedy Davenport – I thought it was hilarious how Jasmine fangirled over Kennedy and she just kinda rolled her eyes. You can tell she’s seasoned. I wasn’t left with a big impression, but I can see her as a dark horse. 

MAX – Loved the looks, all three of them. Not feeling the accent. I don’t know about her. I can see her going fairly far, but maybe leaving mid-season. 

Miss Fame – Here it is… she’s definitely living for herself. We get it that you’re high fashion. The looks are great. The personality is *tilts hand* eh. I am not a big fan of people who think they’re better than other people. 

Mrs. Kasha Davis – Even though I wasn’t left with much of an impression, I was left with enough of one to think she’s kind of cool. Definitely see a campier vibe from her, but not the extent of overdoing it. I guess we’ll see how far she goes.

Pearl – Entrance was hilarious and gorgeous and her two runway looks were amazing. I absolutely love her. I vibe well with personalities like her, being that type of person myself. However, Pearl out of drag is way hotter than I’ll ever aspire to be. I really, really hope Pearl goes all the way to the top and I’m kind of let down that she’s not being given much screen time. 

Sasha Belle – Okay, I feel bad for her first off. She’s a super-fan, which aren’t we all? But as a drag queen, she isn’t the same caliber as some of these other girls. On another note, she sounds really whiny in her confessionals and it bothers me.

Tempest DuJour – I didn’t think she was that bad, honestly. But someone has to go first. So, I won’t say much about her other than someone else should’ve been the first to go, and I think we all know who.

Trixie Mattel – I can understand why many people like her. She’s cute - definitely boy cute. But I’m not a Barbie Girl, so I’m just middle-of-the-road with her. Her outfits were cute, though.

Violet Chachki – I love her looks. She’s got the look down to a t. And congratulations on the first challenge win. Work on the personality just a little bit. She takes herself very seriously and she needs to lighten up.

Untucked was also kinda brilliant. It’s a new format this year - very raw, emotional, etc. Moving it to YouTube was the right move because it can unfold differently and better. It’s less scripted and more real.