Long ago we realized we can’t possibly solve all of the world’s problems. And maybe we shouldn’t even try. We understood that we needed to develop our hearts and minds and not just our fighting skills. With all the good that needs to be done, it was nearly impossible to accept that nobody should ever do what we do 24/7. That way lies madness. Trust me. I know. If you believe you’re a god and you fail, where does that leave you? As much as I admire Bruce, and as much as I honor him, and as much as I love him, I sure as hell don’t want to become him. (Nightwing #125)

“I am not Bruce Wayne. But when lives were lost…and the entire city was at stake…I did what Batman had to do. I acted as the Dark Knight. To the best of my abilities–I became him. And I succeeded. Not as Dick Grayson. And not as Bruce Wayne. (Batman #697)