Couldn’t wait till Thursday to share this one, lol… Me & @naysap 2 hours late to our first day of college coz the bus was on diversion, loool ! #Throwback #FirstDay #RUTC (at Richmond Upon Thames)

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Silent Scream - Short Horror Film [January 2011]

A young woman is heading home late, oblivious to the prospect that she may have to confront more sinister events in the safety of her own home…  

AS Media Studies Coursework. I filmed this on a Nikon D5000, which shoots at 720p, but due to my very little knowledge of film making at this stage and the fact that I was using iMovie to edit my footage, it came out in very poor quality. Nevertheless, I received a good grade for having done everything from directing, filming and editing (and acting behind the mask ;) ) One of the successes of this coursework piece was the sound, I think. I edited the song (“It Doesn’t Matter Where Just Drive” by Snow Patrol) which the protagonist is listening to on her iPod to keep a running audio theme with differing moods, kind of like how a soundtrack artist would work on a film.