Awwwwww yiss ! Art again. Expect a radical output.
I guess this is a character now, cause I’m drawing them frequently on lots of things. Referring to them as “they” because they don’t really have a gender. Not in the bodily sense, at least. I like it that way.

© Keara Elizabeth Dooley 2012 

i had to go home in the middle of drawing a picture today
i really really can’t stand it
i usually like to post more than one picture a night if I can, but today was kind of busy.
other than that, i am very happy with how this one came out.
this is Ro. he is the character who dominates the children’s book which i am just beginning to illustrate.
i’ll probably be posting more on him and other stuff and concepts and yadda yadda.

ro and art © keara elizabeth dooley 2012

oh yeah! and the lyrics are from New Order’s song Temptation.
i love New Order a lot a lot a lot. 

and thus, the half-finished drawing hath been finished!
my secret love for xmen has been revealed.
have my stupid character.

i’ve had her for a fairly long time; she has no name still; she kind of just turns into a fatty giant dragon.
the end.

art © keara elizabeth dooley 2012

awww i like this one too
this was the very first drawing that marked my particular style of drawing faces and eyes like i do today. i’m really tired so i hope that sentence made any sense.

© keara elizabeth dooley, back in the day..