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What's the best way to fill in the eyebrows? And how do you choose the right color?


I don’t think there’s really any “best” method anymore, because brows in general have become such a big deal that people are trying all kinds of new ways to fill them in, change the shape, and accentuate them.  It would really depend on the look you’re going for!  Finding the right color is easier than you think.  When looking for pencils it might be a bit more difficult, because they come in only a few set shades, but powders are unlimited because you can just use any old eyeshadow! You should use one that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color.. unless you’re a blonde like me, in which case you should use a color 1-2 shades darker than your hair ;)  Also, if you have black hair, I advise against using black to fill in your brows (use charcoal or dark brown) because it will look very fake.

For instance, if you’re looking for a totally natural, everyday, your-brows-but-better kind of fill, I think the best way is to just use a powder (eyeshadow or brow powder) on an angled brush.  Use quick, upward strokes through your brows to fill in any sparse patches.  Finish your brows and make them waterproof by swiping a bit of brow gel or clear mascara over top of them.


If you’d like a more dramatic brow look, like the popular “airbrushed” or “ombre” eyebrow, use a mixture of both powders (for filling) and pencils or gel (for outlining).  Make the tail very defined and fill it in completely, but just underline the rest of your brow.  Use the powder to fill in and blend out any harsh lines, keeping the inner parts of your brows the lightest.  Here’s an example a la ChrisspyMakeup:


And of course, the only way to make your brow fill look any good is to have perfectly manicured eyebrows!  Trim those bad boys to keep lines straight even without a pencil.  For more eyebrow info/tips/recommendations, check out THIS

Hope this helps you!  Brows are all about trial and error, so don’t get discouraged if your first try doesn’t work out.


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