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I currently rereading all you canons and stuff about DE and Im getting really excited lol. You are such a great writer, I can't wait to read more. Somewhere you mentioned to question that Kags may slip back to japanese but english IS her mothertongue as well. She grew up with it and as someone who grew up with two languages I can say that it won't happen. She uses english all day long and dont practise japanese at all. So it would be more realstic that she starts to forget japanese ...

Firstly, I just have to say thank you? Like, oh gosh, thank you, that’s really nice of you to say and I’m really glad the HCs and the other stuff gets you as excited about DE as it does me! :D

And omg. I honest to god cannot believe I never questioned that. Like, my mom? She grew in the Philippines and has been in the states since she moved here in the mid-80s. She’s even told me before that she’s actually forgotten how to speak Tagalog as fluently—that it’s hard to get back into after speaking English like 99% of the time for so long. I feel really stupid, I don’t know how I missed that lmao.

Okay so, I think the HCs we’re talking about—it’s that she slips back when she’s really emotional? Like angry? You don’t think she’d slip back to Japanese even then? Not even curses? (Which, although I’ve seen it done in writing and shows, I also just realized the characters that did curse in their first language have probably used it more recently than over a decade like Kagome lol.)

But oh man, you’re right, accidentally slipping back into Japanese would have been a lot more realistic if she did it in the beginning, not later. 


I said, I’d do some animation with her before moving on to something different and I have. There are probably a brazillion number of problems with this 16 frame walk cycle but it’s the first time I’ve ever made a walk cycle with a rig 100% my own and I’m pretty rusty with animation in general. She could have turned out worse, of course I could always do better but it is what it is. What do y'all think? 


Also working on something else that came to mind. #Rusty #Sketching #DownAndOut

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actually animanga made me pick up my drawing and writing again, and helped me realize that my strengths are language/ human understanding which in turn made me choose the society europe program for the gymnasium :>

Nice. Anime / manga also made me pick up my drawing, but the writing part is still on rusty side, though I really enjoy reading other peoples’ writing. 

Keep up with the good work and thank you for sending me this.

The End Is Just The Beginning

I traveled 320 miles before it stopped raining, roughly 3 hours. I ate a rusty taco for lunch. Yes, rusty. There’s no other way to describe it. I may as well have been gnawing on a railroad tie, circa 1952, dropped in a crispy taco shell and slathered in a passable salsa. And it was delicious.

Now, it’s time for beer. Later? Bourbon.

Someone went crazy giving our pal Rusty some extra lipstick. Courtesy the Burbank Salvation Army.



The Hokage quickly turns from the former and his father in one.  How was it the one time he chose to come by was also the day he decided to let the stress of the job both as a leader and father sink particularly deep.

He wipes the trails from his cheeks quickly, collecting himself as he stands and faces the window of his office, throwing his head over his shoulder after a moment, smile wide on his face as if he hoped it distracted him.

“D…  Did you need something, or just stopping in to say hey?”

“I felt a visit was needed for some reason.” The former Kage looks at his son with a brand of worry he only reserved for the boy. “I see why now.” Sorry, Naruto, but his dad senses tingled. Nevermind the fact that his son was the Hokage, Minato knew he needed to step in as a father and as a comrade. 

“Naruto. I’m not going to act like I didn’t just see your face.” Stepping forward, the space between them lessens slightly. He knew he should probably leave and let the boy – no man – have some alone time. But he wouldn’t allow it just yet. 

“Are you alright, Son?” 

Man there is a LOT of improvement that needs to be done. I think for a good while everything i’ll do will still be really messy and rusty. My art will be rusty, my uploads to my art blog will be rusty, my uploading style as a whole will be rusty, my entries to this blog will be rusty, and activity on dA will be rusty and my decisions will keep changing all the time as I search what works best for me in any field and anything I do. Everything will overall be a huge mess for a while, welp. I guess i would like to warn people to bear with the messiness as i search for things that work best.

shorty told me it isn’t “lady like” to say words such as, “I enjoy penis”. her rusty nun breath smelling like baking soda having ass need to get the fuck out of my face. I enjoy penis. 

I enjoy penis

charcoal portrait of Renée Perle for one of my finals! it’s been almost a year since I’ve picked up charcoal so I’m pretty rusty, but my teacher liked it and decided to keep it. success:)

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hey jay hope you feel better!! how r ur exams going? how was ur c2 paper? sry if this is bothering u omg

C2 WAS THE WORST C2 PAPER I’VE EVER TAKEN W T F FUCK THE ENTIRE MATHS EXAM BOARD WITH A RUSTY CHAINSAW AND THEN A COUPLE CACTI. AND A SPORK FOR GOOD MEASURE. other than c2 they’re goin p well tho. decent banter, slipped in a cheeky nap at the end of my chem exam (5min to spare gotta b as cheeky as possible)

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Canyou post Azir fanart pls? :3 BTW i liked your video a lot

Done! AW thank you I’m a little rusty since it’s my first video in a year but hopefully I’ll get better. Thanks for supporting nonetheless <3